Transformers Review: Gari Gari Robo Kun

            Throughout history, we have seen quite a number of strange-looking Transformers. In fact, we at New Planet Cybertron have reviewed quite a number of these so-called unconventional-looking Transformers; the Sports Label Convoy, Device Label Broadblast and most recently, Capticon. So yeah, we have seen some fair share of unconventional stuff.

This time, however, I believe we’ve finally hit the jackpot! Introducing to you right now, the Gari-Gari Robo Kun, a collaboration between Takara-Tomy and one of Japan’s most famous Ice Cream company – Akagi Nyugyo, based in Fukuya, Japan.
Garigari-kun (translated as Mr. Crunchy) is the mascot for this company, and is quite popular in Japan. Somehow, someway, Takara-Tomy saw the potential and decided to make some money out of it by doing this collaboration.
I don’t normally talk about the packaging and I just have to give props to this packaging. The box itself looks like some ice cream box, and the inner plastic looks like some ice-cream wrapper. The best part is the plastic wrapping is re-sealable.
Anyways, without further ado, let’s head on with this review.

Alternate Mode:
            Of all things, although it makes a lot of sense here, Garigari-Robo-kun transforms into an ice-cream – a Cola-soda flavored ice-cream to be exact.
            Still, it looks to me like a normal chocolate-flavored ice cream.
From left: United Bumblebee & Gari-Gari-robot-Kun
            Anyways, I absolutely love this mode and it looks pretty darn life-like and in-scale. In fact, I’ve even managed to fool a few people and letting them think that I was eating an ice-cream.
            Absolutely fantastic alternate mode and this is definitely one of those perfect 1:1 scale Transformers.

Robot Mode:
            So far, I’ve been pretty much in awe with this figure, and little that I know that this figure would provide me with even more pleasant surprises.
            Based on the photos that I’ve seen prior, I would’ve thought that the transformation would be quite simple. I was half-wrong. For a figure like this, the transformation is satisfyingly intuitive and it does involve a lot of folding and twisting; a little bit of part-forming, as well as shell-forming.
            I love how the ice-cream breaks off into a few pieces; i.e. the sword, the shield, the robot itself and even a mini ice-cream for Gari-Gari Robo-kun to enjoy! Yep, you heard right.

            The head sculpt has a little bit of Optimus Prime influence on it – the helmet is clearly an Optimus homage.

            Takara-Tomy is quite creative to turn the ice-cream stick into a sword that can be wielded. I also like the idea of how every single loose piece can combine and be stored on the robot mode itself.

            Articulation-wise, there is not much of it: the shoulders are on ball joints and the fists can rotate, that’s all.
From left: United Bumblebee & Gari-Gari-robot-Kun
            Despite the lack of articulation, this little guy is quite fun. I can imagine the girls falling for its utterly adorable cuteness.

            What else can I say, but WOW! I can’t believe that I actually enjoy this little dude. I can’t believe that I actually let this little guy on that store’s shelf for at least 3 to 4 months before I finally decided to make the purchases!
            Luckily no one picked him up, or else they would be the one having fun with this little guy instead of me.
            Lucky me.
            Highly Recommended.

            Final verdict: 9.5/10

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