The Family (Updated Feb 2013) - The Pics and Video

Hello there, my fellow Cybertronians,

It's Chinese New Year again, so for us at New Planet Cybertron, it can only mean ONE thing -- Annual Photo Shoot Session. As with the years past, I would update you on our collections, for your viewing pleasures.

This year, I've decided to do something a little bit different. In almost all of my previous "Family Photos", the figures were usually arranged inside the cabinets, and thus it doesn't give an overall view of my humble collection. So since I was in the midst of cleaning up the cabinets, I thought I might as well snap a few shots of them.

There are still 2 more boxes of mostly lower grades knockoff stuffs, which I haven't opened in years -- those are somewhere in my room.
The Family Video
So yeah, there are still loads of stuffs to review.

So I hope y'all will enjoy this year's New Planet Cybertron Annual Family Photos...


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