Transformers Review: Sludge (Knockoff)

            Let’s be honest, shall we? Who doesn’t like dinosaurs?
            Everyone love dinosaurs, right?
            So when the good people behind the creations of the Transformers franchise back in the 80’s knew that they had to capitalize on that fact, and hence, they introduced the Dinobots.
            Dinobots were cool, in every single way. They were the Autobot’s heavy-hitters. The Decepticons run scared whenever the Dinobots show up. Despite not being able to combine into a gestalt robot, which I have always wished that they could, they were the regular sparring partner for Devastator, and they have time and again emerged on top. They were almost impervious to harm and Grimlock, in most cases were as strong, if not stronger than even Optimus Prime himself.
            Anyways, the point is that I love the Dinobots and when I started collecting back in 2004, I wanted a Dinobot real bad. I looked for Grimlock, but he ain’t anywhere to be found. So I came across a knockoff version of G1 Sludge one day, albeit one with a totally different coloring. So I thought, why not, right? It’s better this than nothing.
            So I whacked him. I bought this guy probably sometime in 2005, and now finally, he’ll get some screen time on New Planet Cybertron.

Alternate Mode:
            Sludge transforms into a Brontosaurus.
            Predominantly blue and silver in color, he does have patches of gold here and there.
            Sludge isn’t exactly a total brick; he does have a little bit of articulations in this mode. For one, the mouth opens and closes. The neck tilts up and down.
The shorter front feet can move just slightly since it is hindered by the robot’s arms.

            The longer hind legs are articulated, and the ankles swing back and forth.
            Overall, it’s a very good alternate mode, by G1 standards.

Robot Mode:
            One thing that is easily noticeable from his robot mode – he’s got huge feet!
            Sludge is about the size of your ordinary Deluxe-class figure. He is suitably-proportioned, although the arms can be a little bit too short.
            Articulations-wise, he is pretty good for a G1 figure: the head rotates; the shoulders rotate and the elbows bend towards his chest; there is also a waist joint; the hips are on a two separate joints, which results in all around motions; and finally the knees bend as if they are double-jointed.
From Left: FOC Kickback and Sludge
            The figure also comes with his signature sword and blaster.
            For those who are good at customization, you guys could probably repaint Sludge into his traditional colors, and you probably going to end up with a perfect G1 Sludge figure.


            I have to say, for a knockoff figure, he’s good. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again now, the art of making good knockoff figures is a lost art. Gone are the days when knockoff figures were still good.
            I doubt you could still find this guy anywhere else, but if you do, I’d suggest that you go for it.

            Final verdict: 8.5/10. 

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  1. Sick . I just got more kos and the green box dinos in gift set plus lots of loose ones. Thanks for posting.I'd love to add this to my collection.