Marvel Review – Galactus (Marvel Universe Masterworks)

            It doesn’t matter what you collect, there has to be a centerpiece – that certain item that represent your entire collection.
            Your Holy Grail.
My Transformers collection, for example; I’d consider Fortress Maximus as the centerpiece of my Transformers collection.
Since I started collecting Marvel Universe action figure, I have managed to hunt down some of my most favorite character in the whole of Marvel Comics, but there is only one character in the entire Marvel Universe line to date, that I would consider as the ultimate Holy Grail for me (unless they decide to release a Living Tribunal or One-Above-All *gulp* figures) – the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus.
Galactus has proven to be one of the most difficult to get figures in the Malaysian market. Prices have ranged between RM 280 in flea markets, all the way to well-over RM1000 over on eBay. But in recent months, the prices on the secondhand market have steadied themselves at minimum of RM 400.
Why such a craze over this character? Well, duh, he’s Galactus, that’s why. Before the introduction of the numerous far-more powerful Marvel cosmic characters such as One-Above-All, The Living Tribunal, Eternity, Infinity etc, Galactus was the God-like figurehead in Marvel Comics. He was the character everybody was afraid of. When the character was conceived, he was the Master of the Power Cosmic, and he is able to distribute a small portion of that power to his heralds, i.e. Silver Surfer, Firelord, Nova, Terrax, Fallen One etc – all of whom are insanely powerful! So you can only imagine how power HE is.
Plus, the guy literally munches on planets for lunch! Maybe there have been many more cosmic characters introduced since the days, but there’s no doubt that Galactus is still probably the most well-known and the most recognizable of them all.
            Galactus is the oldest living being in the entire Marvel Universe, and in fact, he is older than the universe itself! According to his backstory, he originated from a universe that predates our own. Prior to the collapse of that universe, he flew into what was called the Big Crunch, and everything was destroyed except for him. Bonded with the Sentience of the Universe, the Big Bang occurred and he was flung outwards in suspended animation, until he was awaken and began feeding on world.
            I have been hunting for this figure for a long time, and I was glad to finally be able to get him during the recently-held Comics and Toy Fair Kuala Lumpur (CTFKL), and I got him at a really good bargain, if I might add.
            There have at least 3 different variants of this mold, i.e. the SDCC variant (which is packaged in the normal Marvel Universe bubble-box, albeit a big one, and without Silver Surfer); this particular variant that we will be reviewing in a short while (which comes with Silver Surfer); and also a darker variant of this one.
            As mentioned before, Galactus is released under the Marvel Universe, Marvel Masterworks subline, Series 001.

            I don’t normally review packages, but this is one of those exceptions. The box itself is huge – measuring at 12”x 21”and about 4” thick. Yes, there are larger boxes out there from other toy lines, but as far as Marvel Universe goes, this IS huge!
            Apart from the size, the artwork is wonderful too! Basically it’s a drawing of Galactus, who’s about to blast somebody (or something) with his opened palm, and Silver Surfer surfing right in front of him. The same artwork is on both sides of the open-able flap. Oh yeah, talk about the flaps, the flap can be swung open to reveal the figures inside – both Galactus and his most famous herald.
            To me, however, it’s the photo at the back of the box that enticed me the most. It basically features Galactus going up against every single Marvel Universe figures ever released, up to that point when Galactus was released. Of course, they are not really to scale with one another – they somewhat increase the size of the Galactus to make him more threatening I guess. That photo kind of reminded me that there are a whole lot more figures for me to look out for too – not a good idea if you’re on budget tightening.
Potential poisons...
            Anyways, Galactus’s character bios is so darn long too. I guess, that’s not really surprising, given the stature of the character.
            Overall, it’s a wonderfully-done packaging.

Silver Surfer:
            It’s hard to not to tell a story about Galactus without mentioning the most famous of his heralds – the Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer was once known as Norrin Radd from the Planet Zenn-La, who agreed to serve Galactus as his herald in order to save his homeworld. He was endowed with a portion of the Power Cosmic by Galactus, thus becoming one of the most powerful entities in the known Universe.
            The Silver Surfer figure that’s packed with Galactus looks amazing. The shiny silver really works well. The expressionless expression is almost a trademark for the silver sentinel, and is depicted well here.

            For such a slender figure, Silver Surfer is incredibly buff. His muscles are so obvious. His surf board also utilizes the same color scheme, as well as the same material.
Groovy baby...
            As good as the figure might look, it’s far from perfect. For one, the joints are incredibly loose. Maybe it’s just an isolated case. This subsequently makes it very difficult to pose him on his surf board, with him tends to topple backwards.
With his single-pack counterpart...
            Articulation-wise, he has most of the standard points of articulation that is common with most of the Marvel Universe figures, except for a waist-joint. I would have liked it more if they could have added in that particular joint, as I think it would have made a huge difference for this figure.
            Still, the figure does look good. For your information, this particular mold would subsequently be reused 2 years later in 2011, when Hasbro actually release a single-pack Silver Surfer figure. In comparison, the single-pack Silver Surfer has way tighter joints and does pose better on his surf board, but unfortunately, in terms of look, the single-pack Surfer pales in comparison – to the point that I think he should just take away the word Silver from his name altogether, since he looks more grey than silver.
Galactus and his herald...
            Now this is the real deal! Because of his size and weight, taking him out of his box can be quite a hassle, but once you manage to do so, you will simple be in awe of this huge figure!
            Standing at a good 19.5-inches tall (18.5-inches measured to his head), he is by far, the largest Marvel Universe figure ever made. In fact, he is even larger than his Transformers counterpart – Unicron. 
Unicron vs Galactus
            I haven’t gotten myself the Marvel Masterworks Series 002 Sentinel as of the time of this writing yet, so I can’t really make a comparison just yet to see who is bigger, but photos from the web seems to depict that Sentinel is by far the smaller figure.

            The overall look of Galactus – his color scheme and designs are really comic-accurate. The head sculpt is tremendously good. The blue light piping works very well. The helmet and the various gas-mask-ish contraptions on his face looks good. The horns of the helmet, if you will, are made from soft rubbery plastic to avoid unnecessary handling injuries. Oh by the way, Galactus does look angry/ pissed off – probably cuz he’s hungry?
            The figure itself, judging from his heft and just by holding him, it feels like for the most part of it, he is made from solid plastic, not some hollow plastic. In fact, he actually feels like your normal solid Marvel Universe figures, albeit way bigger.
Thanos vs Galactus
You ain't got no Infinity Gauntlet, do ya?
            Articulation-wise, he possesses similar articulations with most Marvel Universe figures. His head is on ball joints. The movement angles of his head is pretty darn good – he can look up pretty good, as well as looking down menacingly to the world below.
What do you puny insects want? (feat. Ant-Man and Wasp)
            His shoulders are on universal joints; the arms rotate slightly below the shoulders; the elbows bend; the lower arm rotate at the glove line and the palm pieces are on a separate ball joints, adding more dynamics to the arms.
Galactus vs The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
           The waist rotates; the hips are on universal joints; the upper legs rotate slightly below the hips; the knees bend; the lower legs rotate above the boots; and finally the feet tilt up and downwards.
You can't see me... (WWE fans would understand)
            In short, theoretically, very good articulation. Why theoretically you might ask? Well, the movements on his hips are severely hindered by his err… skirts, or kilts, or whatever you wanna call it. I kinda wish that the skirt was made from softer and more stretchable rubber, that would have been way, way cooler. Thus, as such, you can mostly have Galactus standing menacingly and imposingly straight up. Then again, Galactus being Galactus, he always stands proudly, doesn’t he?
Who dares defy Galactus?!
            All of his joints are incredibly tight, especially the shoulders, to the point that it can get quite scary sometimes, fearing that I might accidentally break him in the process.
            Another thing that I would have wish for, is to have extra fists for Galactus. Not that I don’t like the open palms that he has, but would it have come with interchangeable fists, it would have provided us with more posing options.

Galactus and Silver Surfer feat. ToyBiz Hulk and Sentry
            Playability of this figure would be further enhanced if you have other 3 ¾” Marvel Universe figures, where you can recreate some of the scenes from the comics, or just to recreate the scene from the back of the box!
            But that’s not all, we’re not done with this figure just yet…

            Galactus comes with light and sound gimmicks as well. This is operated by a well-concealed button on his chest, covered by his vest, powered by three AAA batteries – too much battery usage, I would say.
           There are basically 11 different recordings available, each are activated by the button on his chest, and with it, the light piping on his eyes and helmet would glow orange. The recordings are as follows:
1)      To me… my herald!
2)      You serve me now!
3)      Who is so ignorant as to confront Galactus?
4)      You will witness the end, for I am Power Incarnate! (followed by some blasting sound effect)
5)      Behold! The world-eating machine!
6)      I hunger…
7)      Know me, mortal… Know me, and know fear.
8)      So speaks Galactus!
9)      Who dares defy Galactus?!
10)  I am the Devourer of Worlds.
11)  Tremble at the might of the Power Cosmic! (followed by some blasting sound effect)

I got no complaints, and basically I think it’s kinda good. It’s the light effects that I don’t quite like. I just wish that it could’ve been a little bit brighter.

            A figure this big and imposing has to come with some accessories, doesn’t it? As mentioned before, this set comes with the Silver Surfer figure.
            Apart from that, he also comes with his Top Secret files. His H.A.M.M.E.R. Superhuman Registration card and letter is equally huge!
This is exactly how huge the cards are.
            The accompanying letter is written by Quasimodo to Director Norman Osborne.

            It doesn’t matter what you toylines you collect, there has to be a Holy Grail or a centerpiece figure on that particular line. While each and every one of us, though we may be collecting the same toylines, have different definitions of what that centerpiece figure or Holy Grail figure may be, the fact, each of us will have at least one for our collections.
            For most Marvel Universe collections, it will be difficult to look past this particular figure as a centerpiece. It is definitely a centerpiece in mine.
My Marvel Family
            I spent a long time looking for this particular figure, and to finally be able to get him at such a good deal, it was worth the effort. I would definitely recommend this figure to any Marvel collectors out there.
Now that they have released Galactus, I am hoping for another character to be released, and I’m sure that I’m not the only fan that is asking for it. To any of the Hasbro/ Marvel designers that is reading this right now, how about the The Living Tribunal eh? That would be a heckuva dream come true.
Please, Marvel/ Hasbro, make it happen.
            Highly Recommended.

            Final verdict, 9.5/10.

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