Events - Superhero Exhibition @ Sunway Velocity Two Sales Gallery

 Hello there folks,

Welcome back to New Planet Cybertron. We would like to apologize that we have been rather quiet for quite awhile. It's just that we have been pretty tied up with other commitments, although from time to time, we have been involved with several exhibitions and other events every now and then.

Recently, last weekend to be exact, on the 9th and 10th March 2019, we had a small superhero exhibition, displaying a huge chunk of our very own collection.

The display consists of various superheroes and team-ups from different comic productions.

Galactus and the Infinity Gauntlet
Some of the main attractions of the exhibition were the two display sets or dioramas, all made from recycled trash.
Made from empty snack bottles and more...

The display sets is one of our ways to encourage people to save mother nature, by reusing trash for art. With a little bit of creativity, even trash can be turned to gold.

As a bonus, there were also several cosplayers entertaining the crowd. There were Loki, Spider-Man, and of course Captain Marvel.

And the kids definitely enjoyed it so much.

It was a fun event, and we are definitely looking forward to more such event in the future.

Happy Malaysia Day 2017

All of us here at New Planet Cybertron Blog would like to wish all Malaysian, a Happy Malaysia Day 2017.

May this country continue to enjoy peace and prosperity, and continued to be blessed. 

Coming Soon - Taylor Bunkasai 2017

Greetings my fellow geeks and geekettes,

This upcoming 5th August 2017, New Planet Cybertron Blog will be coming to Taylor's Bunkasai 2017, for the 1st time ever..

For more info, do visit the official Facebook event page by searching Taylor Bunkasai 2017.

Come and pay us a visit and take a view of our collections...

See you there folks...

Transformers Review: Bruticus – Part 6 of 6 – Combaticons


            Welcome back folks, to another edition of Transformers Reviews. Today, finally we have come to the review that you been waiting for – the big guy himself, Bruticus.
            Bruticus has always been one of my favorite gestalts. In fact, generally, I have always liked Decepticon gestalts more than the Autobots’. To me, most of them somehow look better, meaner and more powerful.
            Bruticus (or the Combaticons) has a really good back-story. They were created by Starscream using junk parts of old war vehicles, and the sparks of dangerous Cybertronian war criminals, who even by Decepticons’ standards, are considered dangerous.
            How cool is that?
            And Bruticus is also considered as the ideal warrior/ combination by Megatron, because although Bruticus is tremendously strong, he has no will of his own. He merely acts upon instructions, and would literally stand there, right in the middle of a battle, if he doesn’t receive any instructions from anybody.
            Anyways, in keeping up with the concept of “Scramble City”, which is an old Japanese term for the ability to swap limbs, this review will cover both version, and we shall start with the default version.

Combined Mode # 1
            In combined mode number 1, which is also the default combination that we are mostly used to, Blast Off and Vortex forms the arms for the big bot, while Swindle and Brawl form the legs.

            Blast Off and Vortex, in arm forms, are literally their robot mode semi-transformed, whereas Swindle and Brawl in leg form, are in their vehicle forms.
Onslaught as Torso

Vortex and Swindle as Arms

Swindle and Brawl as legs

            After I’ve fiddled with my Onslaught in order to prepare him for this combination mode, I found out a QC issue with my figure. I’m sure that this is definitely an isolated case, since I have not heard of any complaints from anybody else so far.
How the flawless right leg socket looks like
How the problematic left slot looks like
How the right and left slot compared to each other
            The left leg of Onslaught in torso mode, or specifically, the slot where the left leg should slot it, is hindered. It means, when you try to slot in any of the limb into that left leg slot, they can only go in halfway, as depicted in the photos.
            The only way to overcome this problem is to carefully dismantle that left leg, and file off the mold excess. I was kind of disappointed that my emails to Hasbro went unheard and unattended – I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, huh?
            Anyway, aside from that, the overall combination mode actually looks quite nice – well, at least from the front or back. From both of these directions, Bruticus looks all buff and tough.
            However, when you turn him sideways, Bruticus looks way too skinny for his own good. I guess this is a recurring issue for most combiner bots nowadays.
            When compared to the other Combiner Wars combiner figure that I have, i.e. Menasor, Bruticus looks to be a little bit shorter.
Menasor and Bruticus
            Articulation-wise, most gestalt robots in this series have generally the same points of articulations – thanks to the wonderful aesthetics of their individual robot modes.
CW Bruticus and Fall of Cybertron Bruticus
            Bruticus’s head is on a ball joint; universal joints at the shoulders; the elbows bend and rotate thanks to Vortex and Blast Off’s knees, hips and waists; hips; and knees.
            Overall, the big guy’s articulation points are kinda good.

Combined Mode # 2
            In combined mode number 2, which is also the default combination that we are mostly used to, Blast Off and Vortex swaps roles with Swindle and Brawl, to become legs and arms respectively.

            The combined mode looks good, but compared to its 1st mode, the 2nd mode looks beefier. The mass of Swindle and Brawl add inches more to Bruticus’s arms, while having slimmer legs.

            The points of articulation are similar to the 1st mode, so I’m not going to repeat myself.

            Personally, I prefer the 1st mode to this, not only because how he looks over all, but the overall stability that both Swindle and Brawl provide as legs of the combined mode.
            Still, I do understand why some fans love the 2nd mode instead.
            Anyhow, if you weren’t able to buy the Hasbro individual package version of these figures like I have, you could always get the Combiner Wars gift set boxset issued that you can easily get from retail, which also comes with Shockwave.
            Either way, whichever variant that you may prefer, this set is definitely recommended to fans of the Combaticons and gestalts in general.

            Final verdict: 8/10.