Welcome to New Planet Cybertron!!!

Hello Cybertronians!!!

Welcome to New Planet Cybertron Blog - a blog that focuses on Action Figures Collecting, Reviews, Events and Exhibitions.

New Planet Cybertron Blog, in its current form, have been in operation since 2011, but our roots go on way back to 2006 on the Friendster platform. In an environment where local Malaysian blogs were still a rarity, our Friendster-based blog was actually doing quite well and was relatively well-received by our readers.
But as readership began to increase, and hence to cater our fans and frequent readers, in 2010 our blog moved to Wordpress, and rebranded ourself as Planet Cybertron Blog. The blog evolved into an expanded version of the previous one, and catered many sections of the Malaysian lifestyle, such as Travelling, Food, Entertainments, Events, and of course, Transformers Action Figure reviews, which had always been a mainstay since the get-go.

Our readership continued to increase and improved, and by 2011, due to numerous requests from fans, the Transformers Review section of the blog was relocated to Blogspot (now Blogger) and was christened as NEW PLANET CYBERTRON BLOG (or NPC for short)- the current blog that you are reading.
The Planet's Journal
Our Sister-page - The Planet's Journal
The original PLANET CYBERTRON BLOG, was overhauled, and rebranded as THE PLANET'S JOURNAL (or TPJ for short, link here). Since then, both entities never looked back, and continued to go from strength-to-strength.

Anyways, as far as this blog goes, we initially focused mainly on the Transformers Brand, but as time goes by, we began to prominently feature other brands as well, namely Marvel Universe 3 3/4" action figures and other miscellaneous labels. We also began to do event coverage, as well as helping out in events for our affiliated clubs.
Our Transformers Display at Komik Kon 2015.
In 2015, New Planet Cybertron Blog took a bold move, and began to participate in various exhibition events as an independent exhibitor and collaborator.
Our Marvel Universe Display at Geek Con 2016.

The years gone by have been kind to us, but here at NEW PLANET CYBERTRON BLOG, we are looking forward to the future! We look forward to provide you with more quality reviews, more exciting event coverage, and more exciting exhibition display for many more years to come.

Thank you to all our fans and readers.