Rangers Review: Legacy White Tigerzord (Mighty Morphin Power Ranger)

            The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have long been arguably Bandai’s most successful exports to the United States, and equally arguably, to the entire world.
            On the back of the successes of the Legacy Megazord and Dragonzord, I guess Bandai thought that it would definitely be a great idea to milk more money from the fans by continuing to release other iconic Zords from older MMPR series.
            Thus, here is the White Tigerzord.  
            The White Ranger is arguably the most popular of all the original rangers, alongside the equally hugely popular Green Ranger, whom the White Ranger is widely considered as his successor (at least in the westernized MMPR series), as both are portrayed by Jason David Frank.
            According to the story, the long-depowered Green Ranger was endowed with the White Ranger powers in order to assist the Thunder Power Rangers in their quest to stop Lord Zedd’s world domination.
            The White Ranger uses his mighty talking saber, Saba, to control his immensely powerful zord – the White Tigerzord.
Box & Packaging:
            The White Tigerzord is packaged in similar theme and style as all of the MMPR products under the Legacy series.

White Tiger Mode:
            Well, just in case if you didn’t know, he is a white-colored tiger. Having said that, he looks more like a white lion rather than a white tiger to me – or maybe that’s just me.
            I don’t have the original White Tigerzord, but based on the photos I’ve seen, the original version is slightly bigger, and blockier.
            This newer version looks much slimmer and definitely more articulated.
            The lower jaw of the zord opens and closes.
            The shoulders move forward and back; bend and rotate at the elbows; and the paws moves up and down. The hind legs move forward and slightly backward, and finally the paws moves up and down.
            His tail is unarticulated though, which is formed by the White Tigerzord’s sword, which looks like Saba on steroids.
            He may not be as articulated as most modern mecha action figures, but as far as MMPR/ Super Sentai go, this is good.
            And he is also deliciously hefty.

White Tigerzord Mode:
            Transformation is very simple, and the resulting robot looks very, very cool.
            The color apps on this figure is good, and most details are there and I don’t  see any sloppy paintworks or anything.
            Articulation-wise: his head doesn’t move at all. The shoulders rotate; the elbows bend and rotate and guess what? The wrists rotate too!
           The legs don’t do anything else except for 1 particular thing – the knees bend!
            And of course, White Tigerzord wields a sword – a golden soft-rubbery sword.
            Comparing to the iconic Dragonzord, White Tigerzord is way taller and bulkier – almost as tall as the Legacy Megazord, with almost the same mass.
            But that’s not all folks, there’s more in store…

Bonus Mode:
            Now honestly, I don’t know what to call this mode actually, as canonically, this have never happened before.
            If you have the Legacy Megazord, you can take both the Sabertooth Tiger and the Triceratops, and combine them with White Tigerzord, to form super-robot.
           The resulting robot has almost the same articulations as the White Tigerzord robot mode, but minus the knees.            
            Judging by the disproportionate look of the figure – the legs are clearly way too small for the larger upper torso – the designers were somewhat forced to include this “gimmick” as a way to attract fans; previous buyers of the Legacy series to buy this set.
            It’s clear that the White Tiger Zord is meant to be a precursor of the Thunder Megazord, which had recently been announced.
            So fans, be prepared, there are definitely more to come.

White Tigerzord is a surprisingly good figure on his own. Yes, I have to admit, I had no intention of getting this set in the first place, but somehow, shit happens, and I ended up with him.
Yet, now that I have him, I do feel glad. He’s actually quite good. Now all I need is the Thunder Megazord to complete this set.
Highly recommended.

Rating – 9.0/10


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