Marvel Review – Apocalypse (Marvel Universe)

            En Sabah Nur… En Sabah Nur… En Sabah Nur…
            Oh boy, when I heard that name being chanted during the epilogue of X-Men First Class 2: Days of Future Past, I admit, I had goose-bumps. It means, one of the X-Men’s most powerful arch-nemesis will finally makes his debut on the big screen!
            My quest to collect all Class 100 characters has led me to trails of Apocalypse. The character has proven to be quite elusive, especially the single-pack. Occasionally you do bump into the box-set containing Mr. Sinister, Cyclops, Angel, Jean Grey and himself, which is quite an interesting set.
            The single-pack has proven to be very rare in the Malaysian market, and so far, I have seen only one of him, only once out in the open market, which I wasted no time in grabbing him. Chances, if you ever get the opportunity to see him again, the price might increase to some meteoric heights.
            Anyways, who doesn’t know Apocalypse? He is the first human mutant in history, and was born during the Egyptian empire. He is also one of the physically strongest, as well as one of the most powerful mutants that have ever existed.
            Apocalypse is released under Series 3, numbered 009.

            Apocalypse is one of the larger figures in the entire Marvel Universe line. Apocalypse uses the same body template as both Juggernaut and Thanos, of course with some retooling here and there, namely the shoulder pads, neck collar and the various rubber tubes.
From left: World War Hulk, Apocalypse, Toy Biz Apocalypse, Thanos
             Apocalypse color scheme is fantastic. The overall use of grey, black and blue really accentuates the coldness of the character.

            The head sculpt and its paintjob is really good, and it definitely vividly depicts Apocalypse’s trademarked deformed mouth.
            Having come from the same template as Juggernaut and Thanos, they have almost the same articulations. The head is on a ball joint, but because of its design and the presence of the collar, he can’t really look up or down. The shoulders moves in all directions and the arms rotate slightly below the shoulders; the elbows bend and the wrists rotate. Apocalypse also has that abs-crunch; ball-jointed hips; rotational joints slightly below the hips; double-jointed knees and ball-jointed ankles.
            In theory, Apocalypse’s articulations are good, but unfortunately, due to the overall designs of the figure, there are numerous limitations. For instance, the presence of the tubes running across the back of the arms and its back, limits the movements of the arms. The hip joints, on the other hand are rather loose, which causes the figure to topple over sometimes.
            Having said that, Apocalypse is one of those figures that are power personified. He does really need to do any fancy pose in order to display him – a simple stance would make him look cool enough.
Rise, Mr. Sinister... I, Apocalypse command you...
            Apocalypse only comes with a display stand that he doesn’t really need – he is way too big for it.

            This single-carded Apocalypse figure is one of those figures that I have been hunting for a long time, but he’s not really that easy to come by. You still can find him in a boxset also consisting of Iceman, Angel, Mr. Sinister, Marvel Girl and Cyclops, which is way easier to find.
            It’s definitely a must-have for X-Men fans.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict, 8.5/10.

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