Transformers Review: Striker Optimus Prime (DOTM Leader)

            So far in the DOTM line, we have had various Optimus Prime figures, in various different classes. In the Leader/Supreme/Ultimate -class so far, we have had the Jetwing Optimus Prime figure, the Jetwing OP Black Edition, the Ultimate Optimus Prime and also the soon-to-be coming to our shores – the Dragon-year exclusive Ultimate Optimus Prime. Well, despite the various names, they are basically Leader-class Optimus Prime with various power-ups, attachments and accessories. 
            In Japan, Takara-Tomy released yet another version of Optimus Prime, called the Striker Optimus Prime figure. The Striker Optimus Prime is basically based on an earlier plan on how Optimus would’ve looked like in the film, but was subsequent edited out from the eventual film by Michael Bay.
            First released photos on the net looked awesome enough to make me want to go out and get this figure, and have myself a perfect Christmas present. Having said that, I actually came to open the box several days after New Year, and it took me quite awhile to review him due to time constraints, but nonetheless, here we are again…

Alternate Mode:
            The figure is basically based on the original ROTF Leader-class figure, but with slightly tweaks here and there. As such, he has basically all the gimmicks that the original ROTF figure had to offer, all the way from his engine rumbling sound to the windscreen LED, which by the way is red.
            Unfortunately, he still has those PVC tyres instead of real rubbers like they had with the 2007 Leader-class version.
            Like most Takara-Tomy figures, the colors tend to be a bit more vibrant and richer compared to their Hasbro brethren, and as such, I really love the rich colors here. He looks meaner, darker, and stealthier.
            However, we are not talking about a mere Leader-class figure here, what makes him different from his other counterparts are the attachment accessories that he comes with – two guns and a separate beefed-up front grill and hood. With these attachments and accessories, you can reconfigure them and two modes with them.
            In the first mode, which is basically Optimus in his basic alternate mode, with the attachments attached at the back of the truck, where his trailer would’ve connected to, and acts like a booster of sorts. It reminds me of a dragster somehow…
            Anyways, the second mode features reconfiguration of the attachments and the two guns now look like a huge blasters at the side of the trucks. Although the mode made Optimus looks like he’s ready for anything and means business, the mode that exposed a lot of Optimus Prime internal organs to the naked eye, based on the photos below. It may or may not ruin the figure for some fans. To me, the overall look of this figure is okay, except the exposed area just doesn’t work for me.
            Apart from transforming accessories and attachments, the set also comes with a Takara-Tomy-exclusive Character Card and Power-up Card. The Power-up Card is basically a transparent card with the weapon-accessories and power level etched on the surface, and when you place that card onto the real Character Card, you’ll get to see how the character would look with the weapons attached and the amount of power increase that it comes with. 
            Not a necessity, but a neat idea nonetheless. 
            Overall, a good alternate mode.

Robot Mode:
            As far as the robot modes, it is basically a re-colored, slightly re-tooled ROTF Leader-class Optimus Prime figure. Basically, if you’ve mastered the art of transforming the ROTF version, you won’t have a problem with this guy. In fact, if you have ol’ ROTF Jetfire, you can even combine ol’ Striker with him. They are basically the same mould with a bit of re-coloring and retooling. 
            Articulation-wise, it is exactly the same, so I won’t want to repeat myself here. In fact, you can check out that review here.         
            Apart from the paint apps, other differences between Striker Optimus Prime and ROTF Leader-class Optimus Prime, are that Striker doesn’t come with the pair of Energon blades, and also the left collar is missing the Autobot insignia.
            The two blasters also combine to form a huge mother-of-a-gun and the rough-rugged bumper attachment now becomes his shield. 
            Also, pressing down the button on his chest will make Optimus shout, “ WE MUST STOP THE DECEPTICONS!”
            Overall, it is an equally good robot mode. 
            This figure is absolutely cool. The paint apps are amazing and the accessories are kinda neat.
            However, if you already owned the ROTF Leader-class Optimus Prime, you may want to skip this figure, because basically it’s the same figure and it even combines with Jetfire!!!
            This also means good news for those out there who might already have Jetfire in their possession, but in one way or another, did not have or missed out the ROTF Optimus Prime. It’s literally a second chance.

            Final verdict: 9/10.


  1. Where can i get this????

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