The Family (Updated Jan 2012) - The Pics and Video

Greetings fellow Cybertronians,

It's Chinese New Year again, and continuing the New Planet Cybertron tradition, this our annual Family photo. Some of you have been asking for it, and so here it is. There has been a lot of additional members to the Family since the last photo shoot, namely Striker Optimus Prime and the legions of DOTM figures, the Kabayas, G1 Perceptor and many more.

Common among collectors throughout is the issue of space, or lack thereof. So as you can see from the photos, the racks are especially crammed to the max. Believe it or not, there are at least 300 different figures scattered all across my room right now, coming from a variety of series. If you look closely, within those racks there are two or three Gundams, several LEGO sets from my early childhood (oh man, that was really long ago), and of course, a Voltron.

At the time of the recording, my Dragon-year Exclusive Ultimate Optimus Prime was still in its packaging, thus not ready for display yet, so watch out for the review on this guy in the near future.

So yeah, what can I say, I love Transformers, and in a certain, Transformers was also one of those things that shaped the person that I am today. My childhood desires for them made me wanting to work my derriere off to achieve.

And so, here is my extended Family for public consumption. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

And of course if you prefer, you can also catch the video recording, here.

Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year 2012, and GONG XI FA CAI!!!


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