Transformers Review: Optimus Prime (ROTF Leader)

            Greetings to all you Cybertronians out there! Today, The Big Man is back with the review of ROTF Leader-class Optimus Prime.
When ROTF first came out, I’ve never planned on buying this rendition of the Leader-class Optimus Prime, partly because I initially thought that it was just a mere repaint, and plus, I already have the previously released 2007 Movie Leader-class Optimus Prime, which itself was awesome.
Then when I first saw him in the stores, I was surprised that rather than a mere repaint, it was a completely new mould, which based on first impression, looked even cooler than the Optimus that I already had.
But I still had some reservations. I was still pondering, until I finally saw the movie. Optimus Prime actually merges with Jetfire! (Well, it was more like Optimus salvaging the latter’s parts for power ups in the movies, but they still combine!)
            After watching the movie twice in the cinema, there was no doubt in my mind that I was gonna purchase both of these figures. But of course, that meant that I had to get Jetfire first, since there would be no point for me to get yet another Optimus figure and I couldn’t have that merging transformation.
            So eventually, I manage to get both. So without further ado, let’s get on with the review. But before that, I wanna make a shout-out to TeenCom for reserving Jetfire for me 2 years ago, especially when I couldn’t find Jetfire anywhere else…  To all you Cybertronians out there, who happens to be toys/ action figures/ anime collectors, trust me, you can find a lotta things at TeenCom. Just drop by their store at Gajah Berang, Malacca, or visit their website at

Alternate Mode:
As with the tradition of any Optimus Prime figures, he is designed to be the best of the entire series. Whereas the 1st movie’s version was arguably the best of the 2007’s movie, the ROTF Optimus Prime has kept the trend going. There had been numerous complaints from other fellow collectors regarding the inaccuracies of the 2007 Leader-class figure, but this time around, Optimus Prime is almost entirely accurate. This new truck mode is less angular/ blocky compared to the 1st version, and I have to say, he looks smoother & slicker than before, which ultimately in my humble opinion, at the expense of its toughness appearance. I would say the original version look a bit more aggressive and bulkier compared to this one. 
Just as in the 2007 movie’s, this version too has its own little sound gimmick. This time around, when you push on the button, which is located towards the lower left corner below the battery compartment, you’ll get the sound of something which I presumed to the sound of rumbling engine. There is also a panel at back of the truck, where presumably you could attach a cargo trailer, if there ever was one. The smokestacks are also longer and harder, in comparison to the original. As far as the wheels goes, they actually went a step back. Where they used to have rubber wheels on the first version, this time around, they only use some cheap-looking plastic PVC. 
Another complaint is with the windshield. I would’ve preferred if they darken them a bit so that it wouldn’t reveal too much of the internal gears & stuffs in truck mode. It looks kinda horrible and out of place. In this respect, the Voyager version accomplished what this Leader Class couldn’t, by having a miniature human driver within the cockpit. 
Though it seems that I have a lotta of complaints for the truck mode, I still think it’s worth a purchase, as it still represents the best of what ROTF line could offer this time around. But if you’re like me, you just don’t buy him for that reason; you would go to the end of the world to get him because of his main gimmick, i.e. the Jetfire-Optimus Prime combo (to be reviewed along with the upcoming Jetfire’s review). 

Robot Mode:
            As far as the robot mode goes, I have to say it is way better than the original 2007 movie version. The designs it seems are more movie accurate with all the small panels & gears. 
            Size comparison-wise, ROTF Prime easily dwarfs the 2007 Prime. He looks slicker & well equipped for battle. The two huge blades on his arms contain a spring mechanism that will flip out the blades as soon as you push the button of his arms backward. 
            However, the sheer size of the blades may hinder articulation when unreleased. The main problem here would be the shoulder armor (which also the truck’s doors). It would’ve been better if the panels were put on ball joints – it would’ve given an extra room for articulation, especially later on during combo-mode.      
             Gimmick-wise, when the chest button is pressed, Optimus Prime will utter I am Optimus Prime, along with glowing eyes & chest. 
            Articulation-wise, he has almost the same exact articulation points as the 2007 version, minus the hands. It’s a big letdown actually to have Optimus Prime totally devoid of any fingers articulation. But other than that, the robot mode is good.    
            Like I said before, the main reason that I bought both of Jetfire and Optimus Prime was due to the combination mode. I may have a few complaints on the Optimus Prime figure, but that really doesn’t take away the sheer awesomeness of this figure.
            My advice to other collectors out there, if you decide to get Optimus Prime, and you definitely have to get Jetfire as well. They complete each other… um… so to speak.

            Final verdict: 9/10.

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