Transformers Review: Mindwipe (ROTF Voyager)

            The Revenge of the Fallen line have proven to be a succcess for Hasbro and Takara-Tomy. HasTak seems to be really capitalizing on the movie franchise by releasing many assorted figures that are unrelated to the movies, although they do share the same aesthetic qualities as most of the figures of the toy line. Some of which includes Bludgeon, Skywarp, Stratosphere, Ramjet and many more, not to mention the numerous others Scout-class and Deluxe-class figures. Some of these are surprisingly very good, while some of them are just reasons to rake in more money from us TransFans.
            Anyways, one of these said figures is none other than Mindwipe. Back in the G1 days, or should I say, back in the Transformers Headmasters series, Mindwipe was a giant robotic bat that specializes in hypnotism. Well, he’s kinda like a natural successor to the Insecticon Bombshell, but minus the Cerebro-shells.
            The name Mindwipe has since then remained unused until now, although the character itself never appeared in the actual movie.

Alternate Mode:
This time around, Mindwipe takes the form of a Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk – a very futuristic stealth fighter, akin to a UFO. 
I don’t know about you, but Mindwipe here really reminded me of the Galaxy Force Sideways and Soundwave, due to the very slick designs and the Cybertronian marking on top of the wings. 
There are no other features here that really require any elaborations.
Robot Mode:
            Now we come to the best part. The transformation sequence isn’t really that hard, but it is kinda tricky when you transform him for the first time. 
            Overall, Mindwipe still maintains the slickness that was prevalent in his alternate mode, making him really ninja-esque. 
             His head is on a ball joint. His shoulders have a full range of motions and also have ratcheting joints that allow the shoulders to rotate. The arm rotates above the elbow, and sadly, due to the none-existence wrist joint, it really limits the amount of poses that you’d really wish you’d get from him.
            Mindwipe doesn’t have any waist articulation, but the hips have full range of motions, which really helps the figure a lot. And finally, the knee bends, albeit limitedly, and the ankles bend up and down.
            Apart from the limited arm movements, I really think that they could’ve done better with the legs. I mean, Mindwipe really can’t stand up straight, as the legs bended too much at the knee, so he’ll be like, always arching forward. The figure would’ve been close to perfect, had those issues were none-existence.


            Since he is an ROTF figure, he is laden with the Mech-Alive features. First of all are the shoulder wings. As you bend the wings backward, the tip of the wings will fold up and two spikes would rise up at the top of each wing. Then there are also the spring-loaded daggers that appear as though they are held by the back of Mindwipe’s hands.


            Overall, I think HasTak could’ve done better with this figure. Don’t get me wrong though, Mindwipe looks very good and very slick. But it’s the minor things here and there that really ruin this figure.

            Final verdict: 7/10. 

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