Transformers Review: Orion Pax (IDW Generation Deluxe)

            Optimus Prime – the legendary leader of the Autobots – many have tried to tell his backstory.
            The first attempt to actually tell Optimus Prime’s backstory was through the original G1 series back in the 1980s, where Optimus Prime was originally known as Orion Pax. Not much is known about Orion Pax, except that he idolized Megatron and the Decepticons, because of their abilities to fly. After the Decepticons attacked an energon storage warehouse, Orion and his girlfriend, Ariel were mortally wounded and was subsequently reconstructed by Alpha Trion into Optimus Prime and Elita-1 respectively.
The second attempt to tell the backstory of Optimus Prime was through the The War Within limited series – differs significantly from the earlier storyline – where Optimus Prime was originally known as Optronix – an unassuming archivist, whom after the death of Sentinel Prime, was incepted by the Council of the Ancients as the new Prime, taking up the name Optimus Prime. Here, Optimus was portrayed as a reluctant, but capable leader – in the veins of Ultra Magnus in the original G1 cartoon series. 
            Fast forward to Transformers: Prime; Optimus Prime’s backstory was again revisited. His backstory here is an amalgamation of both earlier backstories. He was again given the name Orion Pax, and he was also an archivist. It was said that before he was Orion Pax, he was one of the original First 13. At some point, his life was lost and was reborn into Orion.

Alternate Mode:
            As with most, if not all, of Optimus Prime’s reincarnations, Orion Pax also transforms into a form of truck. I have to say, Orion kinda looked like some sort of a small space pickup truck.
            I’m actually quite surprised that he didn’t transform into some kind of Cybertronian-esque truck like he should. The truck is, rather quite Earthly, if you ask me.
            The Autobot insignia is located right inside the cockpit, thus making it impossible for anyone to drive this truck.
            The truck is quite small and light. Flipping the truck over, you could see a huge gap underneath the hood.
            Orion Pax’s color scheme screams Optimus Prime. In fact, you can have him called Optimus Prime, and this alternate mode would still work.
            Orion also comes with his signature Ion Blaster, and also the Energon Axe – both of which can be mounted on the side of the trucks.
            Yes, it looks kinda silly, if you ask me, but that’s the official way to store his weapons in his truck mode.
            Anyways, it is still a neat little truck mode.

Robot Mode:
            Transforming Orion from truck to robot mode is very intuitive, that you might not even require the instruction manual. In fact, I’m beginning to think that most newer Transformers figures are easy to transform, as compared to other Transformers figures from the same size class, from the older series or generations.

            The robot mode really looks good, and he’s recognizably Optimus Prime, even without his signature faceplate.  
            Mr. Pax’s articulations are as follow: the head is on a tight ball joint – it will be rather difficult for you to rotate his head, if you have huge fingers. The inner shoulders rotate on a vertical axis, while the outer shoulders are on ball joints. The ball joints serve no purpose here, as the design of the shoulders would only allow outward motions similar to a swivel.
            The arms rotate slightly below the shoulders and bend at the elbows. The fists rotate and they can also move inward and out, due to transformation joints. There is also a waist joint present. The hips are on tight ball joints.
The legs rotate slightly below the hips and the bend to slightly more than 90°; and finally the feet are on ball joints and swivels.
The combination of these joints really makes Orion Pax a fun figure to play with. You can put him into various different poses, and with his rather wide feet, he won’t topple over that easy.
Overall, a very nice little figure.
As with most, if not all Optimus Prime-related figures, they tend to be one of the best, if not the best in their respective lines or series. Orion Pax is no different. Both the robot and alternate modes are good, and you could really have much fun fiddling with him.
Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10. 


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