Transformers Review: Beast Machines Tankor (IDW Generation Deluxe)

            Throughout its history, Transformers have been one of the most popular and successful toy lines in the market. However, after the end of the G1 era, which includes the Japanese G1 series, the franchise seemed to have slowed. The idea was getting stale and was in dire need to a good revamp.
            Hence, the Beast Wars era was introduced. Some Transformers purists actually slammed the idea, mainly because of how drastic the changes were made – the Transformers were now organic based, rather than machine-based. However, the writers pressed with the idea, and by eventually linking the story to the iconic G1 era, the series proved to be popular – so popular that the writers eventually came out with the sequel – Beast Machines.            
            Figure-wise, however, some fans were kind of put off at how drastically different the actual action figure was, and the onscreen depiction. Botanica was one such example, where there was never a figure of her ever produced, due to how impossible it was to design an actual figure of hers.
            However, it was not all doom and gloom. The Beast Wars/ Machines eventually won over the fans, and it eventually became a huge turning point for the franchise, and most of the characters in these series became huge fan favorites. One such character was Rhinox, who was the second-in-command of the Maximal forces during the events of Beast Wars.
            During the events of Beast Machines, Rhinox, who was thought to be dead, was eventually revealed to be so-called dumb and stupid Tankor. The characterization of Tankor – scheming and working for two sides – was brilliant,
            Tankor was my favorite of the 3 Vehicon generals. He was the powerhouse of the trio, and without a doubt, eventually was one of the smartest. I never had the pleasure of owning the original version of him, so when HasTak finally decided to release this figure under the IDW Generations line, I just knew I had to get him – thank you to the good people at TeenCom, Melaka’s #1 Hobby Store.

Alternate Mode:
            In case you’re still wondering, Tankor transforms into a futuristic tank.
            He’s quite screen-accurate, even down to his major kibble – the exposed head. Well, I guess you can’t complain much, since he’s “futuristic” and “screen-accurate”.
            The tank doesn’t do much. The turret cannot turn, and it can only lift up and back down. That’s ashamed, cuz if my memory serves, the turret do turn in the series.
            Also, there are only 3 wheels beneath the figure instead of 4 – two in the front and one at the back. I don’t know why they cannot do four-wheels instead, because maybe it’s just with mine, the wheels don’t actually turn that smoothly, especially the back wheel.
            Not a brilliant mode, and really, they could’ve done better with him.

Robot Mode:
            Tankor… PULVERISE!!!
            The transformation is filthy easy that you can literally throw away the instructions.

            Again, the figure is very screen-accurate, and as such, he has really long sets of arms and very short legs.
            Articulation-wise: the head rotates limitedly, due to the designs of the shoulders, which prohibits his rather large head from turning freely; the shoulders rotate vertically, and the hinges allow for upward movements; the arms rotate slightly above the double-jointed elbows; the claws open and close; the hips are on the same universal joints as the elbows; the legs rotate slightly above the bendable knees and the feet tilt up and down.
            The shoulder guards may stand in the way of some movements, though not that much. The arms, for some reason, have gear-like rotatable pieces built into them, which do not serve any functions at all.
            The robot mode is definitely much better than his tank mode. The articulations are okay, but definitely not stellar.

Tankor is definitely a figure for you if you’re a Tankor fan and a hardcore Beast Machines fan, and probably not for seasonal collectors. Overall, this figure is okay, but definitely won’t win any awards. There are various aspects of this figure that could be improved, and definitely could’ve been way better.

Recommended to Tankor and Beast Machines fans.

            Final verdict: 6.5/10. 


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