Transformers Mini-Review - Roll Bar (ROTF Scout)

Roll Bar was one of the figures that I won in a contest I entered (organized by Munchy's), running up to the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, back in 2009.

Alternate Mode:
Roll Bar transforms into a Red Bull transport truck.

Overall, quite nice. He is probably one of those objects given life during the events of the movie, when the Allspark dropped to the ground, simultaneously giving life to a vending machine, an electronic steering wheel etc.
If there is any doubt that this is a Red Bull truck, here is a closeup.
Kibbles are there, but acceptable.

Robot Mode:
Transformation from truck mode to robot is interesting, complete with Automorph function.

Love the head sculpt -- looks like a mini Optimus Prime.
The designs may be a bit awkward.
For a Scout figure, Roll Bar's articulations are not bad at all.
Comparing the size between Roll Bar with ROTF Knockoff and United Deluxe-class Bumblebee, he is quite bulky.

Interesting figure.


Final Verdict: 8.5/10.

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