Transformers Review – Allspark Wingblade (2007 Movie Voyager)


Several months back, I did a review on my MOCOM Galaxy Force Galaxy Convoy figure, and what a magnificent figure it was. And as was mentioned in that particular review, one of the most significant gimmicks of that figure was its ability to combine with other figures – namely Leo Breaker or Wing Saber. I didn’t have any of those figures, so it was ashamed really. From pictures I saw online, the combination between Galaxy Convoy and Wing Saber really looked damn good. For a time, I actually went for Wing Saber hunting, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. So when the 2007 Movie came rolling in, I kinda miss the reissued Wingblade figure as well. Eventually, sometime in 2010, I did manage to find the original Cybertron Wing Saber, but they were selling it at an insanely high price, which was about RM 600, and I wasn’t really prepared to spend such money on a Wing Saber figure. So the dream went into hibernation for awhile.
Then I met a friend of mine, whom I will call him as Big Daddy, who was looking to sell off his Allspark Wingblade for about a hundred bucks. Needless to say, I wasn’t going to miss out on such a bargain. All of a sudden, my long lost dream was alive again… and kicking.
So finally, I have the tools and means to transform Galaxy Convoy into Sonic Convoy, albeit the different color scheme.
Oh, the excitement is mounting!!!

Alternate mode:
            When it comes to airplanes, I really have to clue on the models. The air craft itself looks plausibly real, but I can’t really be sure. Wingblade is an Ultra-class figure that is predominantly greenish-grey. The aircraft is armed to the teeth and really does have a hefty feel to it. I really like the design of the aircraft, in the sense that it is very detailed. 
Tons of kibbles underneath the Jet
            As most Cybertron figures, Wingblade comes with an Autobot Cyber Planet Key, colored in red. Inserting the key into the slot on top of the cockpit will cause the side of the cockpit to swing outward, revealing more firepower. There is button on top of the cockpit that when you press, it will reveal some sort of a laser firing sounds and also a light-up LED in front. 
With Cyber Planet Key Activation
            Generally, the aircraft doesn’t do anything more. There are a whole lot of kibbles underneath that aircraft, and I guess we’ll just have to get used to that, won’t we?

Robot Mode:
            In robot mode, Wingblade looks awesome. Due to its color combination of green-grey-yellow, some fans in the Transformers community have dubbed him as Springer, and declared that this is actually homage to Springer. Regardless the case, I am sticking to the name Wingblade. Here, he is your standard Ultra-class figure, which is very huge and bulky. If you’ve watched the Cybertron/ Galaxy Force animated shows before, he really looks show-accurate.
            Articulation-wise, he’s okay for a Cybertron figure, but kinda lagging compared to the newer-designed figures. The head turns and can’t look up or down. The arms are kinda unique in the sense that they are not really attached to the body, but rather to the wings. The joints at the wings allow the arms to move up and down, which to me is kinda awkward. The arms rotate slightly above the elbows. The elbows, due to its transformations, consist of a double-joint, which is nice, and also there is no wrists articulation available. Wingblade also has a waist-joint, and the hips are on universal ratcheting joints. The knees are also on ratcheting joints and finally Wingblade has ankle joints that only allow forward and backward motions. 
Wingblade's Articulations
            In this mode, you can have Wingblade wielding a pair of guns, which were previously stored in a compartment under the tailfin, and also a pair of swords, which are his wing flaps.
            Inserting the red-colored Cyber Planet Key again will reveal more weaponry in the cockpit, which you could arm them over his head. 
With Cyber Planet Key Activation
Sonic Convoy Mode:
            Honest to God, this is why I had looked for Wingblade/ Wing Saber in the first place. The combination mode looked nothing short of amazing. Galaxy Convoy retains all of his articulation points, but gained in weaponry and grandeur. In this mode, Sonic Convoy wields 2 shoulder canons, formed by Wingblade’s arms. The extra long wingspan also adds to the general awesomeness of the figure, for the lack of a better word.
            The color maybe a bit off, because Sonic Convoy is meant to be a combination between Galaxy Convoy and Sonic Bomber, but I’ve learnt to accept this Wingblade version as Galaxy Convoy’s combination partner, and they actually look good with one another.
            Sonic Bomber’s Cyber Planet Key still works in this mode, just in case if you’re wondering.  
With Cyber Planet Key Activation

            I really love the Wingblade figure, although the colors are not really as good as that of Sonic Bomber’s, but we gotta do with what we have, right? But truth be told, Wingblade itself looks quite nice, and it’s really an awesome bonus that he is able to combine with Galaxy Convoy.
            Overall, it’s a nice figure, although I have to say this again, I still wished HasTak had done differently with the hands design. I think it could’ve been done better.
            Also, another shout-out again to Big Daddy for providing me with this awesome figure – thanks dude!!!!
            Final verdict, 8/10.


  1. i just got this guy today for 13.00 US along with armada unicron and movie leader prime. Unicron is only missing his 6 missiles and minicon, and wingsaber is missing his blades and missile launchers.

    1. I hope that you'll enjoy the figure, and have a great time with it...


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