Transformers Review: Armada Demolisher (Cybertron Deluxe)

            One thing about HasTak that most fans have already known by now is that they are prone to re-releasing the same mold over and over again, even in different toylines.
            Demolisher is one of these fine examples. Although he never appeared in the Transformers: Cybertron series, the figure was still released in the line, after previous releases in the Armada and Energon toy line, albeit different color applications.
            Rather strange for a Cybertron series action figure, Demolisher does not come with any Cyber Planet Keys, or even a Minicon partner.
            To be honest with, I am not much of a fan of the character, but since he did play a considerably huge role in the Armada and Energon series, I thought I might as well give him due recognition and give him a shot.

Alternate Mode:
            Demolisher transforms into a Cybertronian Tank, or you might even call him a Air Assault Tank, if you so want to, because that’s what he looks like.
            There is also a seat at the back of the tank, and you could probably place a small humanoid figurine on it.
           The turret can turn 360°. Demolisher has two missiles on each side, and this is where things go a bit awkward. While, the left missiles can be launched using a Minicon figure, the right “holders” only hold the missiles and cannot launch them. It doesn’t make sense, why couldn’t they do launchers for both sides? Surely there’s not much cost to save from that, isn’t it?
            Anyways, it’s an okay alternate mode – not spectacular, but just okay.

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode is fairly accurate to his TV portrayals, and he still maintains his foot-soldier look.
            The colors are different from what we’ve seen from the Armada and Energon series – the colors seems more vibrant here.
            The head sculpt is quite unconventional too – with his right eye being bigger than his right, and he has a huge grin.
            Articulation-wise: the head rotates, but the movements are heavily restricted; the shoulders rotate; the elbows are double-jointed, but somehow, they can’t bend like one; the waist rotates; the hips swing forward and back; and finally the knees bend.
            Overall, I like the robot mode – not spectacular, but definitely better than the alternate mode.
            All in all, Demolisher may or may not be the figure for you. He was a prominent character in both the Armada and Energon series, and was fiercely loyal to Megatron – a rare trait amongst the Decepticon fold, but he didn’t appear at all in the Cybertron series, thus making him one of the surprise inclusions in the toy line.
            If you don’t like what you’re seeing now from the photos, then probably having him won’t even change your mind.

            Final verdict: 6.5/10 

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