Transformers Review – Marvel Crossover Incredible Hulk (Rewind)

            Transformers is undoubtedly one of the biggest action figure franchises in the world, and a lot of people & industries have jumped onto the bandwagon & “borrowed” the Transformers concept into their advertisement campaign, e.g. the Citroen advertisement that featured a car which could transform and dance; or the Double-A paper advertisement that has a photocopier transforming into a renegade robot and many more!!!
            Not only that, there are also many other collectible franchises that have incorporate the art of transforming unto themselves, most notably – the Star Wars franchise. For the 1st time ever, you could see your favorite Star Wars characters such as Chewbaca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker & even Darth Vader himself transforming into various spaceships & in Darth Vader’s case – into an Imperial Tie-fighter, & also the Death Star. I particularly like Darth Vader, for which I managed to buy the Imperial Tie-fighter version, but unfortunately not the Death Star version.
            Heck, even Mickey Mouse jumped onto the band-wagon!!!
            It was only a matter of time before Marvel would jump onto the bandwagon as well. You see, Marvel & Transformers had previously involved with one another before, and it was only a matter of time before that relationship would be reconciled. The line features some of the most popular Marvel Superheroes ever – Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, Venom, Carnage, Hulk, Wolverine and many more!!! I don’t know whether or not is there a Ghost Rider figure made – I would definitely grab him if I ever found him (he’s my number 1 superhero of all time), but since I can’t find him, I might as well settle for number 2 – the most destructive force that have ever existed in the universe – the Incredible Hulk.
            I like Hulk – the superhero. In a way, I have a lot of similarities with the green behemoth. And I also like the fact that he is so powerful that nothing in the universe could kill him – not even Thor, or even the insanely strong Onslaught. So by characterization, he is definitely amazing, but how does that translate into a transforming figure? Read on to find out…

Alternate Mode:
            Befittingly, Hulk transforms into a green colored tank (there is also a gray version for Joe Fixit). It is only logical that the ever powerful Hulk to transform into one of the deadliest machine of destruction on land. Maybe I’m being a bit of a spoilsport here, but after experiencing with many other Transformers tanks in the past such as Leader Class Brawl, Classic Galvatron & ROTF Voyager Bludgeon – all of which have very good tank modes – I felt that Hulk came up pretty short. While the colors are spot on, the turrets doesn’t turn, which is a major drawback of the tank mode. There are also numerous exposed kibbles visible all over the figure – with the groin area being the most significant of all. The durability of the figure of this mode is also questionable, especially with the turrets (or legs) doesn’t snap on tightly.
            Apart from rolling freely on its four wheels, the figure doesn’t do anything else in tank mode.

Robot Mode:
            The transformation is filthy easy. In fact, I’ve seen Scout-class figures with more complex transformation than him!
            In robot mode, he looks distinguishably Hulk – the colors, the head sculpt & the feet. However, he too somewhat reminds me of Frankenstein, due to the parts of the tank sticking out, but then again, maybe it’s just me. The arms are very long – awkwardly long. The articulations are as follows: head turns 360 degrees; shoulders can rotate all around & also move out 90 degrees; the elbow move up, down & it also turns; wrist, thumb & fingers; waist, hips & rotate-able knees; & finally ankles & toes. Despite the huge feet size, the figure tends to tilt over; then again, it could just be an isolated case on my figure. It’s worth to mention that the waist articulation is loaded with spring-action. Apart from that, the figure doesn’t do anything else.

            As much as I would love to like this figure, I kinda feel that this figure falls a bit short in all departments. I feel that the figure could’ve been designed better to improve the tank mode especially. The robot mode looks okay, but could’ve been made to be more durable.
            Probably you guys are better off buying Captain America or even Iron Man instead, which in my opinion have far better designs than Hulk.
            Now I wish that there will be a Ghost Rider figure – let’s keep our fingers crossed.

            Final verdict, 6.5/10. 

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