Transformers Review – Alternity Megatron (Black Version)


            Welcome back, and today we will take a look at Alternity Megatron or also stated as Mega Therion in the Japanese fiction. I have absolutely no idea about the name Therion, never heard of it before, and as far as memory served, never before have Megatron been called Mega Therion in any sorts of fiction except probably in the Alternity fictions.
            If you’d remember my review of Alternity Convoy earlier, you know that I really like that figure, and I personally thought that it was a very good effort from the boys at Takara-Tomy. So this time around, Takara-Tomy really needs to maintain the quality or up the ante for this line.

Alternate Mode:
            Megatron (forget about Master Therion) comes pack in his vehicle mode – the Nissan 370Z, a.k.a. Nissan Fairlady Z. Now, similarly to this line’s Convoy, where he was released in 3 different variants – Vibrant Red,  Ultimate Silver and Super Black – Megatron too is released in 3 different variants – Blade Silver, Le Mans Blue and Diamond Black. Choices of color are fully dependent on preference. I prefer the Diamond Black variant as I think that it reflects the Decepticon essence well. Some may prefer the Blade Silver as the original G1 Megatron was in fact, silver. But personally, the Le Mans Blue is a bit out of place. Megatron – blue? That just doesn’t slide with me. 
            Anyways, like I said, Megatron transforms into a very slick-looking Nissan Fairlady Z. Just like the Binaltechs/ Alternators lines before this, these vehicle modes looks extremely detailed. Although there is no steering-action on the front wheels and are scaled 1:32 instead of 1:24, this line still maintain other qualities such as an open-able engine compartment, which reveals a detailed engine block (that doesn’t turn into any sort of weapons). The doors still open, which reveal more detailed interior such as seats, steering-wheel, dashboard & gears. The tyres are still made from good quality rubbers, although I do wish the rims were colored in shiny chromes instead of plain silvery-grey. 
            I also like the front and rear lights designs, which I don’t know how to say this, but it kinda have that angry looks that bode well with the character. 
            As this is a trademarked car, the figure also carries the Nissan logo both in front and at the back. There is also a Fairlady Z etched at the back of the trunk, which is really a nice touch. 
            I also like the fact that the bottom of the car looks clean and doesn’t reveal too much kibble. The idea of storing the blades underneath the car is also a very neat idea.
            One complaint that I have with this mode is that the front tyres are a bit too loose and tends to get very, very wobbly, which kinda makes rolling on flat surfaces seemed to be a chore. The tyres are too loose that the weight of the car tends to push the tyres towards the plastic above, thus create frictions that prevent the wheels from rolling freely. 
            Apart from that, Megatron’s vehicle mode is just suhweet…           

Robot Mode:
             Now, despite the coolness of the car mode, this is why we’re here --- the robot mode. At first glance of this robot mode, it kinda reminds me of the Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Bludgeon that I reviewed a few weeks back. It has that samurai feel to it, and I could literally imagine Takara-Tomy doing a redeco of this particular figure, put on a skull as a head and calling him Bludgeon instead.
            Well, that’s an idea.
            Anyways, the robot mode looks cool. The head sculpt itself is a dead giveaway that this really is Megatron and not some Master Therion guy. I like the idea of Megatron wielding swords or katana instead of any blasting weapons. In fact, despite that his G1 counterpart had that humongous Fusion Cannon; Megatron doesn’t come with any sort of blasting weapons at all!!! 
            Articulation-wise: his head is on a ball joint, but its movement is somewhat limited due to its shape and design. The shoulders consist of a combination of swiveling hinge and rotatable joints that gives the shoulders full range of motions. The elbows rotate and bend, and the wrists also rotate. Megatron has no waist joint, but do have ratcheting hip joints. The knees bend and rotate, and finally, the ankles are on ball joints and swiveling hinge. 
            Overall, I do like the articulations of the figure. I also like the pair of blades sticking out of the forearms, which otherwise would stay hidden on the back of both the passenger and the driver’s seats. The shoulder pads look cool, but sometimes they do get in the way of some exciting poses. The transformations of the legs, similar to that of Alternity Convoy are somewhat unorthodox. Instead of one whole piece, the legs are actually formed by folding or combining several car parts. 
            There is also a Decepticon logo right on this groin guard, just to let you know of his allegiance. 
            The back of the robot, I think, could have used a little bit of a cleaner finish – excess car mode panels are just everywhere. But then again, I’d rather those panels go to the back than the front.

            Megatron, in my opinion, is every bit as good as Convoy/ Optimus Prime of this line. He is well proportioned and pretty much well articulated. Since this figure does come in 3 different variants, it’s really up to your preference on which versions that you really like. Personally, I would recommend either the silver or the black version. Of course, if you do have a lot of cash to spend, you can always grab every variant available out there. Anyways, he is definitely a really good addition to your Megatron or Transformers collection, and definitely worth it.

            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10.

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