Transformers Review: Robot Masters Beast Wars Optimus Primal

            Big Banana; Fearless Leader; Boss Monkey – well, those are just a few nicknames that Optimus Primal was known as during the events of Beast Wars & Beast Machines, thanks to one Rattrap. Optimus Primal was the leader of the Maximal faction (descendants of the Autobots), when their ship, The Axalon was damaged and crash-landed on prehistoric Earth.
            The Beast Wars series, when they were released in the 90’s, were intended to revive the flaying franchise. Personally, I love the animated series, which was all done in CGI. The scripts and storyline were good, and I especially love the character Rattrap, for all his wisecracking jokes and sarcasms.
            Action figure-wise, now that is a different story: while the initial released of the figures were okay, the subsequent figures in the line such as Trans-metal and Beast Machines figures were largely animation-inaccurate – for better or for worse.
            Optimus Primal – the character was not a reincarnation of Optimus Prime. He was rather a brand new character, who took on the name based on the legendary hero as more of a reverence rather than anything else. Although he may not be the bearer of the Matrix, he was a worthy successor to the leadership mantle for he has the legend’s compassion and leadership ability. Character-wise, he had the potential; action figure-wise? Let’s see… 

Alternate Mode:
            Optimus Primal transforms into a friggin’ gorilla. The original Optimus Primal was a Silverback Gorilla. This Robot Master version however, doesn’t seem to reflect that, since he is only depicted as a black-colored gorilla. 
            Articulation-wise: the shoulders are severely restricted in movements; the elbows, though bendable, looks hideous when doing so; no wrist movements; no waist or head joints; hips are on tight ball joints; bendable knees and those are about it. 
            To be honest, I don’t really like this mode. It’s just full off robot kibbles. The folded shoulder cannons are clearly visible. I wished they had installed some sort of a camouflaged flap on the back panel. It would’ve been nice.  The robot mode’s colors are still clearly visible, especially around the legs areas. I just wished that they could’ve somehow done things differently. 

Robot Mode:
            Well, this is also one of the reasons why I really hate a robot that transforms into an ape-like creature – the transformation is so simple that you’d almost feel cheated. Both modes share the same limbs and body – well, at least in this case, you’d have to turn the lower body around in order to get to the robot mode. Anyways, it’s just kinda insulting to one's intelligence, if you ask me. 
            Now, once you can get pass all those stuffs, the robot mode is actually way better than the gorilla mode. The head looks dead-on Optimus Prime, or should I say, Optimus Primal. Instead of the signature faceplate, this Primal has lips instead. 
            Articulation-wise: the head is on a ball joint; the shoulders have more range of movements compared to the gorilla mode; elbow joints; waist joint; ball jointed hips; and bendable knees. 
            Instead of his allegiance to the Maximals, this Primal is allied to the Autobots instead, as shown on his left shoulder. 
            Primal also comes with his signature shoulder cannons and arm-blasters.
            I have to give credit to the color-scheme of this mode though – they blend quite well.

            Standing at barely 5-inches tall, Optimus Primal is much smaller than your average Deluxe-class figure, but cost more. While the visual details such as fur linings and color finishing may be worth mentioning, this figure could be further improved in terms of its disguise and articulations. Still, if you are an Optimus Primal fan, or a Beast Wars action figure fans, this is probably the figure for you.

Highly Recommended.

            Final verdict: 7/10. 

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