Transformers Review – Marvel Crossover Ghost Rider

            In my earlier review of Marvel Crossover Incredible Hulk figure, I’ve mentioned of my desire to own a Ghost Rider Crossover figure, if there ever was one. I’ve searched through many a place, but I could never find my number 1 superhero in existence. Then finally, I went to E-Bay, and that was where I met a guy by the name of Linus Lai, who was selling a fully-minted Marvel Crossover Ghost Rider figure. I knew instantly that it wasn’t something that I could just let passed. So I went for the bid, lo and behold, I am now the proud owner of this mystical superhero.
            So without further ado, let’s go on with the review.

Alternate Mode:
            Befittingly, what better alternate mode for Ghost Rider than his signature flaming motorcycle? In his Flaming Bike mode, he looks like a stylized chopper bike. If you are familiar with the Ghost Rider lore, you would noticed that the bike itself is an amalgamation of Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider’s bike and that of Dan Ketch’s Ghost Rider – Blaze’s a chopper, while the alternate’s mode colors and front shield is reminiscence of Danny’s. 
            The front wheel is kinda unique that it has spikes poking out of the wheels, and when the wheel moves, the spikes will retract into the wheel, thus allowing smooth rolling.
            The front wheel also turns left and right, but unfortunately the handlebars do not – and that’s mainly due to the transformation.
            I really like the colors and molds of flames, and the color palettes really do blend well. The seat details look kinda awesome as well, as it really looks leathery. 
            Overall, a very cool-looking alternate mode.

Robot Mode:
             The alternate mode was great, but the robot mode is simply awesome!!! Compared to Hulk’s robot mode, Ghost Rider definitely fared 10 times better. The color scheme is spot on, and despite having only one functioning hands, and is also asymmetrical (reminiscence of Generations Wreck-Gar), the robot mode is very, very convincing. 
            The mould just looks deadly, menacing and shows just how Ghost Rider really means business. The feet are well-designed, in my humble opinion. The huge base provides the stability to the figure, and the skull-like knee cover just looked awesome. 
            The back of the robot also has a very clean and smooth finishing, which is always a welcome. 
            Articulation-wise: Ghost Rider’s head is on ball joint, thus providing all range of motions. However, due to the designs of the head, depending on the pose you put him in; his left shoulder shield may sometimes hinder the articulations there. The shoulders are both on ratcheting universal joints, which provides superb pose-ability. The arms bend at the elbows and also rotate slightly above those joints. His right wrist is on universal joint, while his left hand consists of a buzzsaw, formed by the bike’s front wheel. 
            He also has a wrist articulation and the hips are on ratcheting universal joints as well. The knees bend, but he has no ankle joint. 
            Technically, Ghost Rider really doesn’t have any major faults. He is a brilliantly designed figure as a representation of an awesome character. However, if I really do have to say something bad about the figure, then maybe the left shoulder shield may somewhat hinder movements, and that they could have installed a little bit of light piping on an already awesome head sculpt, especially at the fiery eyes and mouth – that would’ve been even cooler!!!
            Awesome robot mode.

            What can I say? I really love Ghost Rider—both the comic character and this Marvel Crossover figure. He is definitely one of the best figures of the series, if not the best. I am really glad that Marvel and Hasbro did choose to release a transformable figure based on this supernatural superhero.
            As far as in Malaysia is concerned, this figure is definitely very hard to come by, and if you’re ever so lucky enough to find him, do get him and do not ever think twice. You won’t regret it.
            The figure is absolutely brilliant.
            Also, I would like to thank E-Bayer, Linus Lai for selling me this wonderful figure, and you guys really should check this guy out for more excellent deals.

            Superbly recommended.

            Final verdict, 9.5/10. 

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  1. Wooa...that's one awesome figure! Glad you finally got hold of G.Rider.

    Big Daddy V