Transformers Review: Blast-Off (CW Deluxe) – Part 3 of 6 – Bruticus

            Welcome back folks, to another edition of Transformers Reviews. Today, New Planet Cybertron Weblog returns with the review of the Combiner Wars Combaticons member – Blast-Off.
            Blast Off is the loner of the group, and functions as the sniper of the group. In the original G1 continuity, Blast Off is supposed to be a space shuttle. In fact, even his bios at the back of the box indicate, or rather gave the allusions that he is still a space shuttle, because he flies in orbit.
            It seems that Blast Off has chosen a more Earth-based mode in order to be closer to his team mates, and be “part of the team”.
            Anyways, let’s get on with the reviews.
Alternate Mode:
            Blast Off shares the same mold with the Aerialbots’ Firefly/ Fireflight.
            The color scheme used harkens back to the original Blast Off, i.e. dark brown.
            Blast Off also comes with 2 other accessories: the hand/foot piece and a gun. When used in jet mode, it kinda looks strange, because you will end up with a big and a small weapon on each side respectively. It looks quite imbalanced.
            There’s not much you can do with this mode, save probably pulling down the front landing gear.
            A slick mode nonetheless.

Robot Mode:
            Transformation from vehicle mode to robot mode is very simple, and within 10 steps, you will finally get to the robot mode.  

            Again the dark color scheme fits the character quite well.
            The points of articulation are as follows:
a)      The head is on a ball joint
b)      The shoulders and hips are on ball joints
c)      The elbows bend
d)     The arms rotate slightly above the elbows
e)      Waist joint
f)       The legs rotate below the hips
g)      The knees bend
The points of articulations are fairly good, and are quite tight. The accessories can be wielded nicely by Blast Off. However, since he’s a sniper, I was kind of hoping that he would be armed with a sniper gun instead of a normal generic-looking gun.
That’s just a small gripe though from me – just a minor one.
Overall, I think this mode is rather good.

            Blast Off is a rather good figure, but I do wish that he would stick to his original space shuttle mode. But Hasbro being Hasbro, and I’m not really that surprised that they were unwilling to spend money on creating another new mold, which could only be used once.
            If you can look past that so-called inaccurate alternate mode, then I think you’d probably love this figure.

            Final verdict: 7.5/10. 

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