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            Welcome back folks, to another edition of Transformers Reviews. Today, New Planet Cybertron Weblog returns with the review of the Combiner Wars Combaticons member – Swindle.
            Swindle is arguably the smartest of all the Combaticons, although Onslaught might wanna have a say in that. As the name suggest, Swindle is the resident swindler of the group, and he was willing to sell anything, just to earn a profit.
Even if it meant selling his own teammates’ parts!
            In the original G1 series, Swindle is probably the Combaticon with the most screen time.
Alternate Mode:
            Swindle shares the same mold with the Protectobots’ Rook, albeit with very extensive retooling.
            The color scheme used harkens back to the original Swindle, i.e. yellowish-brown.
            Swindle also comes with 2 other accessories: the hand/foot piece and a gun.
            The truck/jeep mode looks good, though there are really any cockpit space within, which is filled up by the arms of the robot mode.
            The wheels roll just fine.
            Overall, Swindle’s alternate mode looks quite good.

Robot Mode:
            Transformation from vehicle mode to robot mode is very simple, and within 12 steps, you will finally get to the robot mode.  
            Again the color scheme fits the character quite well, exactly like the original depictions.

            The points of articulation are as follows:
a)      The head is on a ball joint
b)      The shoulders and hips are on ball joints
c)      The elbows bend
d)     The arms rotate slightly above the elbows
e)      Waist joint
f)       The legs rotate below the hips
g)      The knees bend
The points of articulations are fairly good, and are quite tight. The accessories can be wielded nicely by Swindle. I really like the robot mode, probably more than the rest of the Combaticons.
Overall, I think this mode is rather good.

            Swindle is a very good figure, and it’s really hard to believe that it’ actually a retool of Rook.
            In fact, it actually looks like a new mold!
            Swindle is definitely my favorite figure amongst the Combaticons, and I would definitely recommend the figure to any collector.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9.5/10. 

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