Transformers Review: Offroad (CW Deluxe) – Part 5 of 6 – Stunticons

            Hey there Cybertronians, welcome back to our Stunticons series review. Today, we will be reviewing Offroad.
            According to his bios, Offroad is the newest member of the Stunticons – the newbie, who is eager to impress his seniors. Apparently, for some reasons unknown, he has taken over the last membership slot from Wildrider. Whether or not this is due to HasTak’s problem in securing the rights to use that name, I have no idea, but I reckoned so. 
            Apparently also, Offroad’s specialty is on extreme-conditions combat, which sounds kinda cool, if you ask me.

Alternate Mode:
            Unlike Wildrider, who used to be a Ferrari; Offroad brings some rugged brute force into the group, in the form of a pickup truck.
            The truck is kinda neat, and for some reasons, it kinda reminded me of Ironhide from the movies.
            I’m not sure whether or not this truck mode is based on any actual models, but it does look realistic enough, and at the same time, futuristic. The designs of the car gave it the impression of being incredibly fast.
            Generally, a major part of the robot mode is well-concealed on the undercarriage of the pickup, except for the exposed head. If they would’ve thought of some sort of the cover down there, it would’ve been wonderful.
            Anyway, just like the rest of the Stunticons sans Motormaster, he comes with a hand/ foot piece, as well as a handheld weapon, in the form of an axe.
            I really kinda dig this alternate mode.

Robot Mode:
            Transformation is very easy, and intuitive; and I especially the way how the legs transforms.

            The head sculpt is very good, and for some reason, he kind of reminded me of Springer.
            Articulation-wise: the head is on a ball joint, and it can look at every direction satisfactorily, except upward, which is limited due to the design of the back of the head.
The shoulders are on ball-joints; the elbows are on soft ratcheting joints; hips are also on ball joints; legs rotate slightly below the hips; and the knees bend.
 Somehow, the articulation that he has works for him. I really like how he looks generally – and he is very well-proportionate.
 The only thing that sort of spoiled it for me is the humongous backpack that he has behind his head. Though it doesn’t hinder much of the movement, it does somewhat ruin the look.
            Anyway, in this mode, Offroad wields the hand/ foot piece for Menasor, as well as a battle axe, which looks kinda wicked..
            After all that has been said and done, it’s a good-looking Deluxe-sized robot.

            Apart from the axe and the Menasor hand/foot piece, Offroad also comes with a copy of the IDW Combiner Wars comic, as well as the instruction manual on how to transform him to either Menasor’s arm or leg.

            I have to say, I am quite happy with Offroad, which is surprising because when I first heard of this character, I was kind of pissed off because they left out Wildrider. It was kind of strange at first, that there is yet another type of truck in the Stunticons lineup apart from Motormaster, but now, I guess it was for the best.
            It’s a wonderful little figure, and it is still worth getting, even if you don’t intend to collect all of the Stunticons.

            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 8.5/10. 


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