Transformers Review: Menasor – Part 6 of 6 – Stunticons

            This is it Cybertronians, boys and girls, we’ve finally reached to the main event of this series of Stunticons reviews. We have seen and reviewed each and every single member of the Stunticons, i.e. Motormaster, Dragstrip, Dead End, Breakdown and Offroad, as well as given you our verdicts; and now, we are finally going to review the big guy himself – Menasor. 
Stunticons - Robot Modes
            Fans of the original G1 series will definitely remember the Stunticons – a group of maniacal land-based Decepticons that frequently go head-to-head with the Aerialbots. For ages, the Decepticons had conquered the skies, but time and again, they have been repeatedly proven to be quite inferior on the road.
Stunticons - Vehicle Modes
            Hence, Megatron finally decided that he must conquer the roads as well, and he did so by creating his very own team of cars and truck.
            The Stunticons – led by the loud mouth Motormaster – are quite an unstable lot. The other four members of the outfit, hated Motormaster so much, thus resulted in a very unstable Menasor. They can’t seem to put their minds together; hence, they cannot function cohesively together as a unit.
            Menasor has always been one of my favorite gestalts from the original G1 series (notwithstanding the Japanese G1, i.e. Victory, Masterforce etc). In fact, come to think of it, Decepticons tend to have more exciting gestalt robots than the Autobots do. i.e. Devastator, Bruticus, Menasor, Predaking and Abominus. Anyways, since I couldn’t get my hands on the original Menasor, I guess this would have to do – for now.
            It took me a while to finally get hold of the entire lineup, especially when somebody at Hasbro had the “bright” idea of separating the Stunticons into different waves and packed them up with the Aerialbots. I like to have my stuffs in a complete set, just so you know.
            Anyways, I would like to give a shoutout to TeenCom, for reserving for me this wonderful set, and especially for the discount given in conjunction of my birthday last July. So yeah, thank you.
            So… enough with the yapping and let’s get on with the review!

Combined Mode:
            For this combined mode, we will be referring to the official and standard combined mode. Yes, there are a variety of way to combine them together, according to your personal preference, but for the sake of this review, we go by the book.

            Anyway, the process of combining them together to form Menasor, is simply satisfying.
Dead End
            The official combined mode for Menasor is to have Dragstrip and Dead End as the hands, with Offroad and Breakdown forming the legs. The resulting robot looks very massive, but unfortunately the same cannot be said of its weight and heft. Menasor feels very light, although not as light as Fall of Cybertron Bruticus.
            Menasor stands at slightly over 11-inches tall, which is way taller than FoC Bruticus.
            I actually like how Menasor looks in general… from the front that is. He looks well-proportioned, but with the hands being slightly longer than I would’ve liked them to be.
            However, when you look at him from the side, that’s when things begin to falter. He looks way too thin… way too skinny.

            The head sculpt looks menacing, and I do think that the horns look really wicked on him.
            Articulation-wise… the head is on a hinged ball joint, which provide unlimited all around motion. The shoulders are on ratcheted universal joints; the elbows bend thanks to the Dragstrip and Dead End’s hips; the wrists rotate; the thumbs open and close; and the other four fingers are molded together, thus moving in tandem.
Standing side-by-side with FoC Bruticus
            The hips are on ball joint, which is literally Motormaster’s own hips; and finally the hips are on ratcheting joints.
            The articulations are sufficient enough to enable him to do various exciting poses.

            Menasor wields a huge sword, which is formed by combining Motormaster’s sword and blaster. The rest of the individual robot’s handheld weapons have no role to play, and you can choose to attach them anywhere on the robot as a way to store them.
            Like I said earlier, this mode is based on the official instruction given. If you like to follow the old G1 method, you can flip Breakdown and Offroad around and have their undercarriage facing the front, the choice is yours.
            But that’s not all, folks. Menasor also features the “Scramble City” gimmick, just like FoC Bruticus.

Combined Mode #2:
            Well, in Scramble City, you can literally swap the limbs to your heart’s content.
            In this case, you can have Dragstrip and Dead End as the legs; and Breakdown and Offroad vice-versa.
            Articulations are exactly as the official mode and the figure looks just as good.
            In this mode, I like to have Menasor wields Breakdown’s sword, which kind of made it look like a dagger now.
Dead End
            In terms of how Menasor looks sideways, he is still way too thin to my liking.
            Anyway, I really like that HasTak actually threw in in Scramble City gimmick into the Combiner Wars line, as it really adds to the play value of this entire set.
            Good job.
            This entire Combiner Wars series has been a longtime coming. Long have HasTak been in the shadows of 3rd Parties companies in terms of combiner robots, and some may say, they still do. HasTak somewhat tried to make a comeback via the Powercore Combiners series, but in my opionion, that line failed miserably.
            Combiner Wars series, however, is a step in the right direction. In terms of heftiness, Combiner Wars is still way off the mark from their 3rd Party competitions, but what they lack; they made it up with affordability and articulations.
            This Menasor gestalt robot is a very good effort from HasTak, and fans around the world have been waiting for a Menasor figure for like, forever, and now, we finally got it, and it was worth the wait.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9.5/10. 

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