Transformers Review: Breakdown (CW Deluxe) – Part 4 of 6 – Stunticons

            Hey there Cybertronians, welcome back to our Stunticons series review. Today, we will be reviewing Breakdown.
            Breakdown is characterized as a paranoid freak, who always thinks that everybody is looking at him – even normal Earth cars!
            Due to his paranoia nature of avoiding being seen, as such he makes a very good scout for the Stunticons.

Alternate Mode:
            Originally in G1, Breakdown transforms into a Lamborghini Countach. Whether or not this mode that we have right now is really a Lamborghini Countach too, maybe, but I’m not quite, though still believable.
The car mode is very aerodynamic and looks very slick. The slightly-beige color is quite good. Being a race car, Breakdown too has decal on his front windscreen – 15RACING.
The underside of the car is kind of smooth, and most robot parts are relatively well-hidden, although you can still make out the robot’s torso.

            Just like the rest of the Stunticons, Breakdown comes with the hand/ foot piece that can somewhat be mounted on the roof of the car to resemble some sort of a cannon, as well as a dagger/ blaster hybrid, which can be mounted by the side of the car.
            Overall, it’s a good-looking car mode.

Robot Mode:
            Transformation is very easy, and the resulting robot looks rather bulky, yet hollow on the inside.

            The head sculpt is kind of good – kinda squarish.
            Articulation-wise: the head is on a ball joint, although its movements are very limited thanks to the shape of the head itself.
            The shoulders are on ball-joints; the elbows are on hinge and ball joints; hips are also on ball joints; legs rotate slightly below the hips; knees bend; and finally, there’re a bit of the toe-piece movement.
             So the overall points of articulations are just average, and not really that stellar.
            Breakdown has very broad legs, and the way they are designed are kind of strange. To form the legs, you kind of have to pull out the thighs sideways and then upwards to put it in place. The side of the thighs do not lock in to the side of the lower legs – they just slot in place, and unfortunately not really that tight.
            As such, the legs have the tendencies to collapse inward most of the time, whenever you try to pose him.
            Another issue that plagues him is his hips. The way it is designed, both sides of the hips are interconnected in such as a way that when 1 side go up, the other side will move down, and vice versa. This, coupled with how the entire legs are designed simply irks me even more.
            Anyway, in this mode, Breakdown wields the hand/ foot piece for Menasor, as well as a dagger/ blaster hybrid contraption.
            After all that has been said and done, it’s a good-looking Deluxe-sized robot.

            Apart from the dagger/blaster and the Menasor hand/foot piece, Breakdown also comes with a copy of the IDW Combiner Wars comic, as well as the instruction manual on how to transform him to either Menasor’s arm or leg.

            Breakdown could’ve been executed better that what we got. The legs irritate me to no end, and for me at least, that’s a big issue. Yes, it might look good, but execution still sucks.

            Final verdict: 6.5/10. 

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