Marvel Review – Red Hulk (Marvel Universe)

            In my hunt for anything Hulk in this mold, it has led me to one of the latest reincarnation of our favorite behemoth – the Red Hulk.
            Yes, I’ve been hunting highs and lows for this guy, and yet, he has been pretty hard to come by. At the time of the writing of this review, Marvel Universe line for the 3 ¾” figures have effectively ended and replaced with the Marvel Infinity line. Prior to the end of Marvel Universal line, they have already released a version of Red Hulk, which is a recolored version of the Hulk figure that was based on the World War Hulk figure.
            Naturally after already having both versions of the Green Hulk and the Grey Hulk, I am less than enthusiastic to be getting the same mold again. So I thought of another version of Red Hulk that was previously released that was based on the orginal Hulk mold. If I was gonna get a Red Hulk figure, I’m gonna get that.
            And it took me quite some time to finally be able to hunt him down.
            What is so special about Red Hulk? Well, for one, the Savage Hulk has always been the stronger versions of various Hulks, except for World War Hulk, who is green as well.
            Grey Hulk was the weakest. So when they finally introduce the character Red Hulk in the comics, everyone thought this was just another façade for Bruce Banner – until both Green and Red collided. Red Hulk proved to be more than a match for the green dude.
            And as you already know by now, Red Hulk is not the alter ego of Bruce Banner, but that of General Thunderbolt Ross! Yes, that old guy finally lost his marbles and was willing to turn himself into a Hulk in order to rid us of our favorite jade giant.

            Red Hulk is released under Serie 5, numbered 013.

           Red Hulk is based on the first version Hulk mold, which has a broader upper body than the newer Hulk mold.

            Since I have both molds, I do think that the second mold was definitely meant for the Green Hulk. As for the first mold, it’s definitely meant for the Red Hulk.
            Even when you compare the original green with the Red Hulk, you have to admit, the red one looks better. Coupled with an excellent head sculpt and facial expression, it’s really wicked – really angry evil face.
Standing side-by-side with first version Hulk
            Articulation-wise: while he does have a neck joint, he can’t really use them without looking ridiculous or as if he had broken his neck! The shoulders are on universal joints; the arms bend and rotate at the elbows; the wrists turn; the abdominal articulation serves as a waist joint and an abs-crunch; the legs rotate at the hips; bend and rotate at the knees; as well as, ankle joints that tilt up and down.
Going toe-to-toe with current version Hulk
Bigger than Hulk!
            While the upper body articulation is okay, the lower body isn’t exactly great. Everything seems restricted and there is just not enough movement range to it.
What Red Hulk lacks in articulations, he makes it up with great visuals. Since the figure’s mold is essentially way broader than the newer mold, it does give the impression that Red Hulk could easily overwhelm the smaller Green Hulk.
            Again, this is definitely the mold for Red Hulk.

            Red Hulk might not offer anything new in terms of articulations onto the Marvel Universe platter, but this is definitely a good-looking figure. It’s very rare, and so far, I’ve only seen this figure once in the open market, which was in a flea market where I bought him – still minted.
            If you’re are Hulk fan, and a fan of characters with feat of strengths, Red Hulk is definitely for you.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict, 9/10.

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