Animangaki 2014 - Sunway Pyramid Convention Center

Hey Cybertronians,

Welcome back to New Planet Cybertron. Last weekend, specifically 9th and 10th of August 2014, anime fans nationwide were served with one of the major anime/ comics/ hobby events of the year - the Animangaki.
The crowd was absolutely amazing!
It was a fiesta and visitors were already lined up at the entrance even before the event opens at 10.00am.
Visitors were served with various exhibitions from various hobby clubs, society and institutions.
Exhibitions by TransMY

There were of displays from Transformers Fans Malaysia or TransMY, with New Planet Cybertron ourselves contributed to the diorama display on the second day. There also figures from the hugely popular Masterpiece line, as well as various third party action figures.
Figure for the diorama contributed by New Planet Cybertron
There were also displays from Macross Fans of Malaysia (MFM), showing off some of their most prized collections.
Macross Fans of Malaysia (MFM)

Not to be missed also are displays and counters from Dragon Sim Collections, Star Wars Malaysia, The Lil' Monsters, Batman Fan Club Malaysia (BatCave), Pla-Zone, Becky Customizers and many more -- each are very experienced exhibitors that have taken part in various events previously.
TransMY Team
Of course, an anime fiesta wouldn't be complete without the cosplayers. As usual, cosplayers dominated the exhibition floors with visitors and fans rushing to take photos with their favorite anime/ comic/ pop culture characters.
Kamen Riders
Optimus Prime getting down with... Starscream???
Hmm... The Assassin kinda be doing some Kamen Rider "henshin" pose....
Don't ask...
However, this is a historic event for New Planet Cybertron and myself, as this was my first time participating as a cosplayer.
The Author, trying to look like Bray Wyatt.... Follow the Buzzards!!

Sunway Pyramid Convention Center... We are here...
The character that I portrayed is none other than one of the most popular WWE Superstar today -- Bray Wyatt. I love the character, and I do think that he has one of the most bizarre personality in WWE today. Complete with oil lamp, and the iconic World Heavyweight Championship belt, Bray Wyatt roamed the arena to take various photos and letting some (un)lucky fans to get up close and personal with Sister Abigail.

So, we will leave you with some of the most memorable photos featuring Bray Wyatt, the future of the WWE...

Now, ain't that the sexiest Monkey D. Luffy you've ever seen?
Standing right beside the Devil and the Angel
As long as my name ain't written in book, I'm a happy man...
Sorry... I have no idea what characters they are... My bad...
Taking photos with some lovely, lovely fans...
I wonder if Lady Deadpool is a wrestling fan?
Oh my Gosh!!! Ghost Rider! Can I have your autograph? Just keep that penance stare away from me...
Again, sorry, no idea.
With a family of lovely and cute Pikachus...
Who has the better beard?
This is one sexy-looking (not to mention creepy) looking Red Riding Hood.
Who's creepier? Bray or the 4-legged monstrosity?
With Optimus and Assassin Creed... weird combination.
It's Clobbering Time!!!
Now ain't that lovely? She's gonna be my valet and manager... haha
With the Assassin Creed and a medieval Paladin?
These are definitely the prettiest and the cutest Mario Bros cosplayer ever! The Mario Sistaz!
Another angel?
Gotta get into the groove, baby!!!
With Clone Sr and Clone Jr...
Can't resist... must take photos with these cute little clone and jedi...
Oh man, Jedi does early recruitment... cute little Jedi
It ain't wrestling if there ain't some thrash-talking... going head-to-head with the United States Heavyweight Champion
Since the US Champ backed away from a challenge, Bray got angry and vent his frustrations on Optimus Prime by giving him Sister Abigail...
... squashing another challenger with another Sister Abigail...
... securing the 3-count pin fall... (hey! Since when Assassin become a ref?)... 
... and still you're reigning World Heavyweight Champion!!!
How about these Bray Wyatt promo shots?

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