Transformers Review: Hound (AOE Voyager)

            I’m sure by now, many of you out there have at least watched the movie Transformers 4: Age of Extinction at least once, while some others may have watched it more than once even! Anyway, whichever it may be, AOE has been a record breaking movie.
            Personally, I think AOE is by far the best movie in the franchise. Since the duration of the movie is longer, each character – especially the robots – gets more screen time with better character development. After the conclusion of Dark of the Moon (DOTM), there have been wholesale changes to the Autobot lineup, with only the most popular characters being maintained (watch the movie to find out who, bub), and a whole new batches of new characters being introduced into the franchise.
            One such character is Hound, which is undoubtedly my favorite character from the new movie. No longer just a mere scout as depicted in G1, Hound now serves as the Autobot’s resident Weapons Specialist and experienced warrior – taking over the role from the late Ironhide.  
           He’s probably the coolest character in the entire movie – he smokes a live bullet like a cigar, how cool is that?!
            I’ve wanted to get my hands on this figure for quite some time, and thanks to the good people in TEENCOM Melaka, I’ve finally managed to get a hold of him.
            So without further ado, let’s get on with the review.

Alternate Mode:
            Unlike the G1 Hound, which transformed into a military jeep, AOE Hound transforms into a military armored truck – an Oskosh Medium Defense Tactical vehicle. You can literally see the name OSKOSH engraved at the front of the vehicle. 
OSKOSH engraving
            The green paint apps on this figure are absolutely brilliant and the details all over the vehicle are very good.
            The wheels roll quite well and there’s even a molded-in spare tyre just behind the cockpit.
            Scale-wise, Hound isn’t exactly compatible with the other Deluxe-class Autobots – he just seemed to be too small. I wish he could be just a little bit bigger, like the old Voyager from the 1st movie or ROTF.
            However, he comes with an added gimmick – or rather accessories. Being a Weapons and Tactical Specialist, Hound comes with a whole lot of guns and blasters. He even has a Rambo blade!
            Not only that Hound can wield them in robot mode, he can also wield them on his truck mode.
            Each and every gun can be mounted onto a specific slot on the body of the truck. Unfortunately for me, since it could probably be just an isolated case, one of Hound’s shotguns cannot be mounted on to the designated peg. It’s either the peg on the truck’s body is too big, or the empty slot on the gun is too small. Whichever it may be, you just can’t mount the gun. The two pistols are mounted inside the truck while the dagger is attached underneath the truck.
            Kibbles exist on this figure – not so obvious from the sides, but horrendously underneath. Still, it’s a minor issue.
            Overall, it’s a very fun alternate mode to play with.

Robot Mode:
            First of all, Hound looks fat. I mean, he’s not really Leadfoot fat, but he’s kinda tough fat. In wrestling terms, he’s not really Yokozuna or Rikishi fat, but rather Mick Foley or Big Van Vader fat.
In short, he’s tough!
I love the facial hair....
            To quote a line from Hound himself – I’m like a fat ballerina who takes scalps and slits throats – that’s how big and tough Hound is.
The Fully-loaded Fat Ballerina
            Standing at about 6 ½-inches tall, he’s not as tall as the Voyagers of old or even Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, but as far as comparing to the latter, I guess he fits into scale just right.

            Everything about this figure exhumes coolness. The head sculpt looks awesome, especially with all those facial hairs, which is sculpted onto a softer rubber allows the head to turn without further hindrance. The hindrance is still there, but it could have been much worse. Unfortunately though, the head can’t look up or down at all. My only complaint about the head sculpt is that I wish the helmet can be taken off, just as depicted in the movie – now that would be just awesome.
From left: The current Weapons Specialist, and the late Weapons Specialist - ROTF Ironhide
            The shoulders are on a multitude of joints that allow movements in all directions. The elbows can bend slightly more than 90°.
Let's Dance!!!
You want a piece of me?!
            The lower arms are coated with chain gun bullets, which are also sculpted onto soft rubbers. Since those bullet coatings are attached directly onto the turn-able fist, the soft rubber are able to slightly cater the range of motion of the wrists.
You want some?! Come get some!!!
Don't I look macho?
            Hound comes with a waist joint, and the hips are on the exact same joints as the elbows. The legs rotate slightly below the hips and bend about 90°. Finally, the toe pieces can tilt to allow better postures and poses.
I'ma slit your throat!
            As mentioned earlier, Hound comes with a myriad of weapons and accessories, all of which could be mounted onto his body.
Ze Weapons...
            Along with his above average articulations, you can actually put Hound into a variety of exciting poses.
Get a load of my BFG!
            If that wasn’t enough, the weapons offer one more gimmick – all of them can combined ala Super Sentai’s super weapons! All of the guns and blasters, along with the dagger, combines to form a friggin’ BFG – check the definition of that term on the DOOM 3 game info Wikipedia page, you’ll get what I mean.

            The robot mode is so much fun!

            I like this figure, plain and simple. He’s not really the best AOE figure out there, but he’s definitely the most fun to play with. The amount of accessories and also the coolness of the character depicted in the movie further add to the playability and popularity of this figure.
            Highly recommended.

Rating – 9/10

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