Transformers Review: Build Boy (Car Robots Deluxe) a.k.a. Wedge – Part 1 of 5 - Buildmaster

            I have to admit, although the Car Robots/ Robots in Disguise series was first broadcasted in 2001, I haven’t watched it before. Still, I do recognize the characters from the series, and some of them are also on my hit list such as Gigatron, Fire Convoy and Ultra Magnus, just to name a few.
            But one particular set that I had never intended to get was the Buildmasters. The Buildmasters is a special team of engineers and architects tasked to build the Global Space Bridge. Unlike most special teams ever since G1, the Buildmasters were never meant to be warriors and fighters, thus making them quite unreliable in battles.
            The members of the Buildmasters are also capable of combining to form a super robot called Build King, or Landfill in the Robots in Disguise (RiD) series, which we will be reviewing in Part 5 of this series of reviews.
            It was pure coincidence that I managed to find this group, and with a proper nudge from my pal Big Daddy V, I finally relented to what I already wanted to do.
            The members of the Buildmaster that I will be reviewing are sold in a different packaging, and all of them are Takara releases.
            Build Boy, or better known as Wedge in the RiD continuity, is the Chief Architect and the unlikely leader of the group – even more so since he is the most inexperience member of the group. His gung-ho attitude is sometimes compared to other characters from other Transformers series such as Hot Rod (G1), Hot Shot (Armada/ Micron Legend & Cybertron/ Galaxy Force) and Bumblebee (Animated).
            At the time of its release, Build Boy was one of the smallest Deluxe-class figure ever made – much smaller than his 3 other comrades.

Alternate Mode:
            Build Boy transforms into a small orange-colored bulldozer.
            The bulldozer itself doesn’t do much – the front bulldozer piece does not move up or down, or anything else for that matter. The tracks are only for show, as it doesn’t really work – no surprise there, although it does look realistic.
            There is a generous amount of detailing all over the figure, adding more realism to the figure.
            Another thing I also like about this figure, is how minimal the kibbles are – to the point of almost non-existent.
            Neat little alternate mode.  

Robot Mode:
            Build Boy’s robot mode might be a little small in size, but he is by no means inferior to the other members.
            In terms of body proportions, he is almost perfect – almost, because the chest can be a little thick, but that’s kind of necessary due to the fact that he is hiding Build King’s head within.

            Articulations is kind of good – the head turns 360°, and it kind of being able to look up, due to the transformation method. The shoulders are ball-jointed, and have all-around movements, but can be a little hindered due to the design of the shoulders. The elbows are ball-jointed as well, which means they can rotate and bend (at about 90°). The hips are ball jointed, and the single-jointed knees can bend as if they are double-jointed, mostly due to its transformation joints. Still, it’s really creative to be actually being able to combine the usages of its articulation joints.
            Although its articulations may not be stellar, Build Boy can be posed in a variety of exciting poses.
            In this mode, he also wields the double-beam gun, formed by the bumper of its bulldozer. The gun may look a little bit unrealistic, but I guess it works.
            Overall, it’s a very neat little robot mode.

Even if you’re not considering to buy and complete the Buildmaster team, Build King or Wedge is already a good figure on its own. It looks good in both modes – less kibbles in vehicle mode and a robot mode with very good articulations.
Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10.

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