Transformers Review: Build Hurricane (Car Robots Deluxe) a.k.a. Grimlock – Part 2 of 5 - Buildmaster

            I have to admit, although the Car Robots/ Robots in Disguise series was first broadcasted in 2001, I haven’t watched it before. Still, I do recognize the characters from the series, and some of them are also on my hit list such as Gigatron, Fire Convoy and Ultra Magnus, just to name a few.
            But one particular set that I had never intended to get was the Buildmasters. The Buildmasters is a special team of engineers and architects tasked to build the Global Space Bridge. Unlike most special teams ever since G1, the Buildmasters were never meant to be warriors and fighters, thus making them quite unreliable in battles.
            The members of the Buildmasters are also capable of combining to form a super robot called Build King, or Landfill in the Robots in Disguise (RiD) series, which we will be reviewing in Part 5 of this series of reviews.
            It was pure coincidence that I managed to find this group, and with a proper nudge from my pal Big Daddy V, I finally relented to what I already wanted to do.
            The members of the Buildmaster that I will be reviewing are sold in a different packaging, and all of them are Takara releases.
            Build Hurricane, or better known as Grimlock in the RiD continuity, is not a dinosaur and is the most experienced member of the group and a master strategist, thus earning him the position of second-in-command of the team. Build Hurricane is the biggest member of the team.

Alternate Mode:
            Build Hurricane transforms into a green-colored backhoe.
            Just like Build Boy, Build Hurricane has a set of tracks that do not work, and it has 4 wheels underneath to help him move.
            The cockpit of the backhoe can rotate 360°, and the shovel arm can bend downward and each articulation points can move. I wish the bucket can bend a little bit deeper inward, to simulate the actual workings of a backhoe.
            The overall look of the backhoe is quite clean, and without much kibbles, except for the foot piece in front.
Robot Mode:
            Build Hurricane’s robot mode is the tallest amongst the team members – about 1 ½-inch taller than Build Typhoon (Heavy Load) and 2 ¼-inches taller than Build Boy, all too head level, minus the hoe arms.

Inclusive of the hoe arms, it would add another 3-inch into the total height, making it a whopping 9-inch tall!
Due to its height, Build Hurricane is by far the most proportionately-sized figure of the Buildmasters.
            I was kind of hoping that the head sculpt would somehow hark back to the original G1 Grimlock, but unfortunately it doesn’t.
            Articulations –wise, the head turns 360°; the shoulders rotate; there are essentially two elbow joints: the upper ones are ball-jointed, while the second ones are on swivel joints; then there are the claws that swing inward; the hips are on ball joints, but the movements are limited due to their designs; the knees are on ball joints; and finally the toe-pieces tilts up and down.
            In this mode, he also wields the Hoe Claw, formed by his hoe. It is typically mounted on its back, or you can even have him wield it by hand.
Overall, not so stellar in terms of articulations and more than make it up with its size.

Build Hurricane is a fun figure. Even you’re not thinking of completing the Buildmaster set, he is still fun on its own.

            Final verdict: 8/10.

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