Transformers Review: Punch/Counterpunch (G1)

            When Transformers was first introduced, they are the epitome of the concept of covert operations and hiding in plain sight. They blend it with their surroundings and environment. But the ultimate objective is to probably blend in with the enemy, and that’s just what Punch Counterpunch is all about.
            Punch/ Counterpunch is the ultimate spy of the highest order – he is an Autobot that disguises himself as a Decepticon in order to infiltrate the enemy from within. His frequent change from Autobot to Decepticon and vice-versa resulted in him, at least in most fictional records, having split personalities.
            As far as the Transformers lore is concerned, Punch/ Counterpunch have set the trend of a robot being able to transform into a robot from the opposite factions, i.e. Doubledealer (from the Masterforce series), Sideways (Armada) and even Shockwave/ Longarm Prime (Animated). So yeah it all began with Punch/ Counterpunch, although he doesn’t really have a Decepticon alternate mode.
            Anyways, before I proceed with the review, I would like to thank fellow collector Clarance Lee a.k.a. DXCONVOY for allowing me to review this classic collectible of his – Punch/Counterpunch.

Alternate Mode:
            Punch/ Counterpunch alternate mode is that of a Pontiac Fiero. It’s a slick-looking blue color car. One of the best things about this mode is how minimal the kibbles are. It has a relatively clean finish to it all over.
            As mentioned earlier, the number 1 problem that Counterpunch might have is when he has to transform into his alternate mode in front of Megatron! Because Punch/ Counterpunch do not have a Decepticon alternate mode. Now that does pose as serious issue.
            But seeing as how Counterpunch never transformed into alternate mode in the original series, I guess he’s safe.

Robot Mode (Punch):
            Punch is his actual persona – the Autobot spy. He is chest is predominantly yellow with blue feet, and red fist.
            Another thing that differentiates Punch from Counterpunch is that he wields the Twin Launcher Mortar.
            Articulations, he doesn’t do much, since we are talking about G1 here – having the arms being able to swing out is a big deal already.
            Although he has a relatively huge upper body, he’s still quite stable and stand pretty well on his own.

Robot Mode (Counterpunch):
            Unlike Punch, Counterpunch is predominantly blue in color. In this mode, he wields a Photon Cannon.
            The head sculpt is simple, although it does capture a somewhat menacing/ sinister look – kind of in the same vein as Soundwave.
            Articulation-wise, Counterpunch has much more to offer than Punch. He has shoulder movements; elbow and even knees, although the latter is mainly for transformation purposes.
            Between Punch and Counterpunch, I personally prefer this mode, as it offers more aesthetically, while enhancing the overall look.
Punch/ Counterpunch is definitely an awesome little figure, even more so since he is the one that started the covert spy trend which would later spawn characters such as Longarm Prime/ Shockwave, Sideways and Doubledealer.
Yes, although the transformation between the 2 modes is done by merely turning the figure around, plus with some minor flips, twists and turns, it’s still an awesome concept.
The articulations, at least for Counterpunch is very good, for G1 standards.
Definitely a must for G1 fans, and if you can find this guy at a bargain price, I’d suggest you go or it.
Again, special thanks to Clarance Lee a.k.a. DXCONVOY for providing me lending me this figure. 
Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10.

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