Transformers Review: Slug (AOE Deluxe)

            Come on, let’s admit it. Yeah, especially you Geewuners. You people loved the Dinobots, didn’t you? Who wouldn’t? They individually big, big robots; and they are Dinosaurs! Back in the 80’s dinosaurs were cool. All the kids love dinosaurs-themed toys. So it was inevitable that dinosaurs were eventually incorporated into the Transformers franchise.
            Most people would tell you that Grimlock is their favorite Dinobots – same case with yours truly. But whenever it comes to the second most popular Dinobots, I’ve always liked Slag.
            Slag was tough, and he has no issues in confronting Grimlock whenever he feels like he needed to. Slag was awesome!
            However, due to trademark issues, Slag renamed as Slug in the AOE line. Honestly, the name sucks. Can you believe that?!
            Although I was kind of disappointed of how the Dinobots were portrayed in the film, Slug was still appealing enough to grant me buying him. If you’ve watched the movie, you’d probably understand why.
            Anyways, let’s not waste any time and let’s get on with the review.

Alternate Mode:
            Slug transforms into a Triceratops – a very weird looking one at that.
            Slug is predominantly purple and dark grey in color, with his mane (pardon my lack of knowledge in dinosaur anatomy) painted predominantly red.
            Maybe it’s just me, but just like Grimlock, Slug has a little bit of skeletal-theme going on here, even more so with its hollowness.
            Slug isn’t exactly very articulated. The ball-jointed front shoulders can move in all directions, but very limitedly since it is severely hindered by its chest piece and mane; the elbows bends up at about 70° or so. The head bends down and back up, and it has no way to look up; the jaws open; and finally the hips are on ball-joints, which again, their movements are severely limited.
With Mouth Open
            On the sides of the body, there is a hole on each side where you can peg in the swords. The overall look with the swords attached onto him is really silly. Maybe Slug is supposed to use it to take out the legs of larger-sized dinosaurs?
With Swords Attached
            Visually, the dinosaur mode looks good, but aesthetically, that’s another issue altogether.

Robot Mode:
            Keeping up with the “knight” theme, Slug is full on knight mode. Armed with a pair of swords, Slug really looks like he means business.
Knight with a helmet
            I have to admit, at first glance, I wasn’t really buying into the robot mode. Coupled with how the movie portrayed the character, I was less than impressed with the character. However, after fiddling with it for a while, it actually grew on me. I like the overall look of the character. The half-a-Triceratops-head-as-shoulder-pad surprisingly looks good – or at least to me it does.

            However, the idea of using the dinosaur legs as a way to make the figure looks beefier doesn’t quite work for me. The idea might be good, but the execution came a little bit short, unfortunately. For some reason, or maybe this could just be an isolated case, the peg and hole that is supposed to lock the legs to the main body just aren’t aligned properly. Even if you managed to peg them in, any attempt to pose the upper body would most likely result in them unpegging.
            Articulation-wise, Slugs is kind of good. He has all of the standard articulation points that you would expect from a good deluxe class figure. The head is on a ball joint; the shoulders move in and out; ball-jointed shoulders and hips; elbows and knees bend; and finally the tip of the feet bend upward.
            You’re probably going to enjoy posing him, possibly even more, if you compare him to the Voyager-class Grimlock.
            Overall, it’s a very decent robot mode.

            Overall, Slug isn’t exactly a stellar figure, but he is good enough to warrant your attention. If you’re a fan of the Dinobots, Slug is definitely a must have along with Grimlock. Visually, both modes look good, while the robot mode wins with his articulations.

Rating – 7/10


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