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Welcome back Cybertronians!

Today, New Planet Cybertron will be introducing another new article category called the Collector Closeups. The idea to highlight is to highlight some of the professional action figure/ Transformers/ toys collectors in the nation, and have them share with you Cybertronians, their passions, experience and most importantly, their beloved collections.

For this inaugural article, we would like to introduce to you, one of the members of the Transformers Fans Malaysia (TransMY) -- Clarance Lee. Also known as DXCONVOY among the TransMY circle, he has been a fan of the Transformers franchise since he was very young.

Real Name               : Clarance Lee
Code Name             : DXConvoy
Affiliation                  : TransMY
Function                   : Normal Member
TF Series                 : Generation One, Masterpiece
Other Collectibles     : M.A.S.K.
Quote                       : Must be disciplined and know your limits.
Favorite Figure         : Star Saber & Victory Leo

Having started collecting seriously circa 2000 - 2002, Clarance began to focus on collecting original G1 action figures - the series that made him fall in love with the franchise. It all started with G1 Rodimus Prime C78 Reissue, and he has never look back since.
Holy $#@%!, isn't that Deathsaurus?!
Liokaiser and Road Caesar too?!?!
His collection of G1 figures is quite extensive, which includes some of the rarest figures nowadays such as G1 Punch/ Counterpuch, Star Saber & Victory Leo (Victory), Scorponok (G1), Road Caesar (Victory), Overlord (Masterforce), Liokaiser (Victory), Deathsaurus (Victory) and many more.

Surprisingly, he has managed to obtain most of his collections at a very good bargain, albeit some of them are not complete.
Apart from Generation 1(as well as Encore series) figures, he also collects the Masterpiece series, which is also based on G1 characters.

Although he mostly collects Transformers action figures, his collections also includes the popular 80's toyline called Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, or M.A.S.K. I have to say, I was absolutely in awe to actually be able to see and actually hold some of my favorite M.A.S.K & V.E.N.O.M. characters in real life such as Switchblade, Rhino, Jackhammer, Condor, Piranha and Hurricane.
OMG... M.A.S.K.!!!
Simply amazing.

Another significant piece in his collection has to be the limited edition Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles figure -- the VFA-6ZX Maia Sterling, which is limited to only 5000 units worldwide.
Limited Edition Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles figure -- the VFA-6ZX Maia Sterling
Being a TransMY member for almost 8 years now, he has been involved with numerous Transformers-related exhibitions and activities, such as the Transformers Expo 2014 at Genting etc, but the most memorable of these was the 3rd TransMY gathering/ exhibition in CineLeisure.

Throughout the years, Clarance has been very opened about his hobby. While some collectors may try to keep their hobby a secret, Clarance enjoys sharing his passion with everyone, as well as meeting up with other like-minded collectors. Since he started collecting, he's been lucky enough to have not faced with common stigma surrounding the toy-collecting hobby, which normally plagues other collectors. His parents and his loving wife have been very supportive of his unique hobby.
One of the Transformers-related items decorating his room.
Despite having an already extensive collection of G1 figures, surprisingly there are still some other figures faring quite high on his hit list, among others, Metal Hawk and Black Zarak (Masterforce).
DXConvoy and his beloved Collections
When asked about his advise to those who are thinking of starting their very own collection, this is what Clarance has to say...

"Must be disciplined and know your limits."

Till our next entry...


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