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            Officially designated as Part 4 of 5 in the Combaticons set, Swindle is your ultimate business. To him, everything and every bot has a price. If there are profits to be made, he would do it, be they selling weapons, spare parts or even his own comrades.
            Swindle is probably the most memorable among the original G1 Combaticons. In the episode “B.O.T”, to the chagrin of Megatron, he sold off his comrades’ parts many interested parties. 
            Based on his Tech Specs, the savvy businessman isn’t one of the heavy hitters of the group, preferring to rely more on his central processors to get things done.

Alternate Mode:
            The box officially states that Swindle transforms into a Cybertronian Assault Transport, or as I like to call it – the Cybertronian Jeep, because that’s just how he looks like.
            Just like his original G1 self, he maintains his signature yellow paintjob. He also wield a weapon blaster, mounted on top of his vehicle mode, reminiscence his old self.
            By comparison to the other Combaticons, Swindle seems huge. In fact, he is literally bigger than other supposedly bigger Combaticons vehicle mode such as the Vortex’s Assault Chopper, Blast Off’s shuttle mode or Onslaught’s Missile Tank mode. So yeah, he’s kind of out of proportioned. 
            Size comparisons aside, he’s actually looks quite good. A bit hollow and light, but good-looking nonetheless.

Robot Mode:
            Swindle’s robot mode can be a bit of a mixed-baggage, depending on what you like on your bot.
            Appearance-wise, I think Swindle looks awesome. He has the bulk, the proportion and the size (he’s actually the tallest amongst the Combaticons lineup), but when you look at him from the size, he’s actually quite skinny.
            He is hollow at best and there are just so many empty cavities when you look at him from the back.
            Articulation-wise: the head rotates 360°, although movements can be somewhat restricted; the shoulders, elbows and hips are on ball joints and hinges that allow all around motions; the waist rotates; the legs rotate slightly above the knees; and finally the knees bend as if they are double-jointed.
            In this mode, Swindle wields a blaster in his hands. Overall movements are above average.
            Swindle is just an okay figure – not the best of the lot, yet still not the worse. I can understand it if some fans actually dig this figure, and might considering getting even without the intention to collect the other Combaticons.

            Final verdict: 8/10.

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