Transformers Review: Brawl (FOC Deluxe) – Part 5 of 6 – Bruticus

            The name Brawl has been quite synonymous with tanks. In most of his reincarnations, whether or not related to the Combaticons, he has always been a tank – the latest being the 2007 Movie where the character he portrayed was named as Devastator in the motion picture.
            Officially designated as Part 5 of 5 in the Combaticons set, he is a Decepticon with an anger management issue, to a point where some other Decepticons actually do not get along with him well.
            Being a tank as well as being so heavily armed, I am quite surprised at his Tech Spec, which only ranks his Fireblast as 8, which is surprisingly lower than Vortex. 
            Anyways, let’s get this review over with, shall we?

Alternate Mode:
            His official alternate mode is that of a Cybertronian Tank – or a Flying Tank, as I would call it.
            I wonder why the designers couldn’t just throw in some wheels just to make the tank believable. I mean, he already has the threads, so what gives?
            So anyways, with the exception of the missing wheels, he is every bit a tank. He is armed with a twin-barrel gun, as well as another blaster mounted on the turret. The turret can turn all the way around, giving all range of shooting.
            Just like his Combaticons comrades, he feels incredibly light and cheap, and it would’ve been better if he had come with just a little bit of heft.
            Overall, he’s an okay piece, nothing spectacular, though not too bad.

Robot Mode:
            Despite being a tank, Brawl’s robot mode is quite diminutive. I expected him to be one of the bulkiest members of the group, so his physical stature can be quite disappointing. 
            While some of the individual Combaticons released in the FOC line may not be stellar, but they are still in the range of tolerable quality. Brawl, however, unfortunately falls in as the worst of the entire Combaticons.
            One of the biggest flaw, if not the flaw of this particular figure is his frontal foot pieces, or to be exact, their inability to lock-in. To make matters worse, the friction which is supposed to hold those two pieces together are almost not existence, making it very difficult for the figure to actually stand.
            That fortunately makes posing him a very taxing task.
            Articulation-wise: the head is on a ball joint, as well as his elbows, shoulders and hips; the outer shoulders hinge, allowing outward motions; the abs crunches; and finally the knees bend.
            Of all the Combaticons, to me at least, Brawl is probably the worst.
            To be honest, Brawl is the biggest disappointment in the set. The alternate mode is less than stellar, with the robot mode faring even worse, everything about him is a turn-off.
Anyway, if you’re not planning on collecting all five Combaticons to form Bruticus, then you probably won’t be inclined to buy this guy as an individual robot.
            Final verdict: 6/10.

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