Transformers Review: Onslaught (FOC Deluxe) – Part 1 of 6 – Bruticus

            We are finally coming to the end of 2012, and barring the end of the world that is supposed to dawn on us come 21st December 2012, the year has been a fantastic year for the Transformers franchise as a whole. The plans for Transformers 4 were announced and are due to begin filming in 2013; the sequel to the hugely popular War for Cybertron game (released in 2010), Fall of Cybertron was also released in August this year, and with it, an accompanying toy line released under the Generations banner, also nicknamed the FOC line.  
            The FOC has been well received so far, although there have been many complaints concerning the reduction in terms of size compared to the earlier Generations line and before.
            As if to celebrate what a great it has been for the franchise, Hasbro has finally released the Combaticons – a group of 5 military-themed robots, with the ability to combine into the mighty Bruticus, which would definitely be a highlight for this coming Christmas. Unfortunately, apart from the SDCC-release in which all five robots were sold as a set, the rest of us has to collect each robot one by one.
            For this Part 1 of 6 (for which we will be reviewing the individual Combaticons from Part 1 to 5, and Bruticus as a whole in Part 6), we will begin this review with Onslaught – the leader of the Combaticons.
            Onslaught is the most powerful member of the Combaticons, and is also the group’s number 1 strategist. Unlike most Decepticons who would simply jump into a battle, Onslaught would prefer to meticulously device a plan prior to joining the battle, ensuring victory on the battlefield. 
            Onslaught’s Tech Specs give him a full 10 on Courage and high 9s for Intelligence, Rank and Skill. So I can imagine that the Autobots would probably not be too keen on going up against this guy.

Alternate Mode:
            Since the game itself takes place on Cybertron, you can forget about Onslaught having an Earth mode. The box says that Onslaught supposedly transforms into a Cybertronian Missile Carrier.
            Personally, I have to say, he probably has one of the most unconvincing alternate modes amongst the Combaticons. He just doesn’t work for me.
            That huge gap at the back of the truck is definitely an eyesore. 
            The truck rolls quite well on all of his wheels and wields a double-barrel cannon. 
            I also can’t help but feel as if the figure itself is made from cheap plastic. It’s incredibly light and hollow in some parts.
            Generally, his alternate mode is mediocre at best.

Robot Mode:
            The robot is a totally different story. It’s a good looking robot.
            The plastic piece that would later be used as Bruticus’s groin guard doesn’t lock in anywhere, hence it can be quite loose. 
            The head sculpt itself looks just like his G1 self, but unfortunately the trademarked double-barrel blaster that was so distinct on the original G1 Onslaught cannot be mounted onto his back. 
            Articulation-wise: the head is on a ball-joint, but the movements are heavily restricted; the shoulders rotate 360°; the elbows are on ball joints, as well as ratcheting joints; Onslaught also comes with a waist joint, though is limited by Bruticus’s groin guard; the hips are on 2 sets of ratcheting joints – one for front-to-back movement, and the other for outward movement; the legs rotate slightly below the hips; the knees bend and that’s all folks.
            The overall robot is nicely proportionate. The articulations are quite good, although the movement of the elbows can be a bit “impossible”. Overall, it’s still a good looking robot.
This is the first review of the FOC Combaticons set, considering that Onslaught is labeled as Part 1 of 5. While the robot itself looks good, the vehicle mode left more to be desired.
Also, the plastic feels cheap and it feels more inferior to the plastics previously used in the Generations line. It feels way lighter, and looks way smaller. Go ahead, try holding up Onslaught (or any of the FOC Combaticons figures) with any of the Generations figures, you’ll know what I mean. This could be a good thing as this means that the combined mode later wouldn’t be so heavy, but then again, that could be a bad thing also if heft is what you are looking for in a gestalt robot.

            Final verdict: 8/10.


  1. u give him quite high point even its alt mode is sucks..

    1. Onslaught redeems it with his robot mode... as you will see from other upcoming reviews for the FOC Bruticus set, some Combaticons fare better, while some, not so much...