Transformers Review: Darkmount/ Lord Straxus (Deluxe Generations)

            The character originally named (Lord) Straxus exclusively appeared in the Marvel Comics, as well as the Marvel UK Comics.
            Now otherwise known as Darkmount (due to probably the loss of copyright to use the Straxus name), he was one of the most powerful Decepticons, whose firepower rival even that of Megatron’s and Shockwave.
            Though the character was first conceived in the original run of the Transformers comics by Marvel Comics (1984 – 1991), Straxus never did receive an action-figure treatment, until 2010. In order to overcome the lack of copyright to use his original name, he is instead named as Darkmount – the impenetrable fortress that he resides in.
            This was one of those characters that I never planned on buying in the first place, but due to the good reputations of the Generations line then, as well as this being an entirely new mould (and an interesting character as a whole), I thought I might as well give this guy a chance.

Alternate Mode:
            Darkmount transforms into a half-track tank that really packs a punch – he’s armed to the teeth! 
I’m not sure if the alternate mode is actually based on an actual tank model, but he looks realistic enough to pass as a real one indeed.
            There is also the code M17 on both the right-side front and left turret of the tank.
            The tank threads, although intricately carved are non-functional. There are, however, two smaller wheels underneath the threads to provide movements to the tank, along with the bigger front wheels. 
            The main gun, formed by the hilt of the axe wielded by the robot mode, can tilt up and back down. The turret can rotate 360°.
Robot Mode:
            Darkmount is your typical pre-size-reduction Deluxe-class figure (Yep, how I wish Transformers: Prime figures nowadays kept their original sizes).
            I especially love his head sculpt – it oozes evilness. It looks as though he is wearing some sort of a mask, but he’s not! That face alone, I reckoned, would scare the living daylights out of any ordinary Autobots or Cybertron civilians. 
            In this mode, he wields is signature axe. It is sad that Darkmount is an excellent melee combatant and a swing of his axe can cut many a Transformer in half. 
            Although it was clear in the comics that he never wielded any ranged weapons, the designers actually included two ranged weapons: i.e. the missiles launcher and the laser gun, both of which could be mounted onto his shoulders via universal clip. Another set of blasters, also on universal clip, can be mounted on the side of the left leg.  
            Articulation-wise: the head rotate 360° and is able to tilt very, very slightly; the inner shoulders swing in and out, while the shoulders-proper are on ball-joint; the elbows bend and the wrists are on ball-joint; Darkmount also comes with a waist-joint; the ball-jointed hips are very loose unfortunately; the knees bend and rotate; and finally the feet, though having a somewhat awkward designs, are on ball-joint as well. 
            Darkmount’s total range of motions is quite interesting, and you could really put him into a variety of poses.
The best part is that he could even wield his axe with both hands!
 If it weren’t for some of his joints being a bit loose, he would’ve been very perfect.
            This mode really oozes deadliness as well as evilness, and I could really imagine this guy giving Megatron a real run for his money, just like Shockwave did.

            I like this figure. I like his characterization in general, as well as his aesthetics. For fans of the comics, this is probably one of those long-awaited figures.
            Overall, I think the designers did a great job on this figure, and if it weren’t for the loose joints, this is would’ve been a perfect figure.
            Still, this figure definitely earns a place in any Transformers collection.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10.

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