Transformers Review – War-Within Megatron (Titanium)

            Back in the original G1 animated series, Megatron’s origin was a mystery. In the Transformers comics titled Megatron: Origin, it was finally revealed that Megatron was a former prisoner of war, sent to The Pit to participate in a fight-to-the-end gladiatorial combat.
Megatron was soon proven to be an extremely competent fighter, and would subsequently form the Decepticon-faction that would eventually bring the entire Cybertron civilization into utter chaos for eons.

Alternate Mode:
            This is probably one of the weakest alternate modes ever. It clearly shows the lack of creativity of the designers. The vehicle modes is nothing more than the robot lying on his back with a little bit of twists and turns, here and there. 
I have to admit though that the alternate mode would probably go down as the sturdiest figure in this entire line.
Megatron is heavily armed in this mode, with 3 fully loaded cannons. The largest cannon of all is on a soft ratcheting joint, providing 360° range of motion.
From left: War-Within Megatron and War-Within The Fallen
Robot Mode:
The robot mode is nice, and to me, is probably one of the best and sturdiest in the entire line. 
The head sculpt and the chest designs are great, but the iconic fusion blaster is noticeably missing from the figure, which is kinda strange. In its place, Megatron wields an awkward-looking gun, a shield and also a shoulder-mounted gun.
Articulation-wise: the head has a very limited rotating range; shoulders are on tight rotational ratcheting joints; the elbows bend and rotate; the hips are on tight ratcheting universal joints; and finally, the knees bend.  
The overall articulations feel a bit limited and restricted.
From left: War-Within Optimus Prime & War-Within Megatron
            The robot mode may look good, but the figure as whole fails to match my expectations, as well as not being able to reach the standards set by War-Within Optimus Prime in the same line. While the overall depiction of the figure matches that of the comic depictions, they really should’ve done better with the actual figure.

            Final verdict: 6/10.

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