Transformers Review – War-Within The Fallen (Titanium)

            As more and more writers became involved with the franchise, the history of the Transformers became richer and more diverse. The concept of a Creator God and the Destroyer was later introduced into the lore, in the form of Creator Primus and Chaos Bringer Unicron. Then it was subsequently revealed the concept of the first 13 Transformers, created by Primus to maintain order.
Each of these 13 Transformers have been given specific roles and duties, and they are all multiverse singularity, meaning that only one of them exist across all dimensions. Among the most well known of them are Vector Prime (the Keeper of Space and Time), Prima (The first holder of the Matrix), Alpha Trion, Nexus Prime (the first gestalt) and of course, Megatronus Prime (The Watcher of Entropy and Rebirth), just to name a few.
Megatronus Prime, would later be too consumed with the idea of entropy, and focused too deep into the idea of destruction and with the influence of Unicron, would eventually turned over into the dark side, and became one of Unicron’s first and most fearsome herald and champion. His name would later be lost in the annals of the universe’s history and would eventually be known only as – The Fallen.

Alternate Mode:
            The Fallen’s alternate mode is that of a double-barrel tank with flame-themed paintjob. The idea of it is to have The Fallen being constantly engulfed in flames, and since it’s almost impossible to do that without getting burned in the process, we have to settle with paints. 
To be honest with you, I really like the idea, but unfortunately I can’t say the same about the execution. The main drawback of this figure is obviously the back portion of the tread, which doesn’t seem able to lock on to the rest of the body properly, which resulted in the pieces literally hanging there freely. It really weakens the rest of the figure. I only wished that there were some clips or some sort of connectors that would hold the piece in place. 
            One thing I like to mention here is the unique faction insignia that he carries, which is neither Autobot nor Decepticon in allegiance. The insignia itself is as if it’s engulfed in flames, which is very neat. 
            I haven’t mentioned this in most of my reviews of the Titanium figures, but I will do just that now, because The Fallen’s one is the most unique of all. All 6” transformable Titanium action figures come with a display stay, with their faction insignia and name displayed. With The Fallen, since he is faction-less, the insignia is actually a picture of his head engulfed in flame. 
            I think that is just so damn cool!
Overall, I think the tank mode looks good, only for the unlockable pieces to spoil the whole thing.

Robot Mode:
            As depicted in the War-Within comics, The Fallen is a dark figure constantly engulfed in fiery flames. The figure is a bit back heavy and tends to tilt backwards when you stand him. 
I especially like the head sculpt. The face clearly has a “Prime” look to him that actually made sense because he is quite literally a fallen “Prime”. 
Having the tank treads depicting the flames is really a creative idea on the designer’s part. The black and yellow on the robot blends perfectly, and adds that *oomph* factor to an awesome character.     
Articulation-wise: the head rotates 360°; the shoulders rotate on ratcheting joints and swivel on another soft ratcheting joints; the elbows bend and rotate; the wrists rotate; there is also a waist movement; the hips are on a set of ratcheting universal joints; the knees are also on a set of tight ratcheting joints that rotate and bend; and finally, the foot pieces tilt downward.
So he has a full set of articulations at his disposal, and that is always neat.

            I would rank The Fallen as being one of the best in the line. He has an excellent robot mode, as well as a cool tank. His only downfall is the unlockable back-tread piece.
            His paintjob is excellent, worthy of a character of his stature.

            Final verdict: 9/10.

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