Transformers Review – Broad Blast (Device Label)

I gotta admit, I’ve been a huge fan the Device/ Music Label range of products. I think the idea of having an actual functioning Transformer is just awesome. 
So far, I have bought Music Label Soundwave, Frenzy & Rumble; as well as Device Label Ravage and Trypticon, and each one of them has been absolutely awesome. So it was only a matter of time I would have to go out and get the Device Label Broad Blast.
Despite the differing name, Broad Blast is actually the reimagining of the G1 Blaster. I don’t know why Takara-Tomy always has such issues with names, can’t they just name him Blaster?
            After having Soundwave released in the Music Label, it’s inevitable that they had to do something with Blaster, hence, here we are.

Alternate Mode:
            Blaster (yeah, I’m still gonna call him that) transforms into a small-sized Toshiba notebook or laptop. 
            Based on the designs, the notebook in question looks like notebooks from the early Noughties, where bulk is still noticeable. 
            Despite the alternate mode, Blaster is not a functioning notebook – that would be just outrageous – instead, he is a functioning USB hub that’s made to look like a notebook.
           I think it’s just so darn awesome. Blaster also comes with a set of input cable, which I think is a tad too short. I wished it could’ve been just a little bit longer. 
           Still, being a collector, I doubt that any one of us would be using him on daily basis. For such an expensive and intricate product, he is definitely meant as a display piece.

Robot Mode:
            After a fairly simple transformations, we get Blaster is all of his glory. 
            The head sculpt is darn accurate to his G1 depiction and the cassette deck on his chest means he is unmistakably Blaster of the G1 era.
Blaster with Eject in his chest compartment
            Although he doesn’t come with any of his Cassettebots, those cassettes can readily fit into his chest compartment. So for those who has those cassettes ready, you have a field day with it. 
Comparing to his old G1 self he is very small and diminutive, so I’m quite surprised that he could take in those cassettes.
            Articulation-wise: the light-piped head can rotate 360°; the shoulders and elbows are on ball joints; the wrists rotate; the hips are on combinational joints that provides all around motions; and finally, the double-jointed knees bend deliciously.
            So yeah, Blaster can do quite a variety of poses, definitely a huge plus points for him.

            It’s always a pleasure to see an actual functioning Transformer and as I have mentioned so many times in the past, this is actually a step in the right direction. I think that should be the ultimate goal of this franchise, to produce Transformers action figures, with fully functioning alternate modes.
            Blaster gets a thumb up from me.
            Final verdict: 9/10.

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