Transformers Review – Soundwave (Titanium)

            Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, you would definitely recognize this guy as the classic G1 Soundwave…
Unfortunately however, that is the only cool thing that I could ever say about this figure, and also the fact that it comes with a transformable Laserbeak.

Alternate Mode:
            This is the only saving grace for this figure, and even that is arguable. Yes, it looks like the brick that it’s supposed to look like; although it has no button-gimmicks whatsoever like the original figure, the figure still doesn’t look right for me. Perhaps it’s too thick for a cassette deck? 
            Open up the cassette compartment, and it will reveal a flat piece of supposedly cassette (which doesn’t look anything like it really).
Laserbeak's Cassette Mode - Back and Front
            The compartment will only fit 1 cassette, and that shouldn’t be a bother because there were no plans for Takara/ Hasbro to continue with this line, and hence, no Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy or Ratbat will ever be made.

Robot Mode:
            One word perfectly describes this figure – SUCKS!!! This is quite literally the worst ever Transformer figure ever made, on par with the Titanium Megatron (GI Joe crossover), period. Even though the legs can extend to full length, it’s just too loose and is totally devoid of any sorts of locking mechanism to avoid the thighs inserting back into the legs, once you put him on his two legs, and the weight of the figure itself certainly doesn’t help the cause. In other words, the stupid crap can’t even stand!!!
            Soundwave is also probably the most “sexually potent” transformers in the entire universe ever, considering the enormous groin that he has. Basically, I really hate how they executed this figure and I think that it’s really a huge let down.
            Laserbeak, although he fares slightly better than his master, he is not a masterpiece either. Overall, he looks like a flat piece of plastics with several protrusions.
Laserbeak Bird Mode
            Honestly, I have absolutely nothing nice to say about this figure. It is quite possibly the worst ever Transformers action figure ever made, on par, if not even worse than the Titanium G1-GI Joe Crossover Megatron.
            With the amount of technology available to the human race, how the heck that this happened?
            Don’t buy him – ever!!! Unless of course you wanna use it as a weapon and breaks someone’s skull with it.
            Final verdict: 1/10. (would’ve gotten a zero if not for Laserbeak)

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