Transformers Review: Thundercracker (Generations Deluxe)

            So far, I have gotten myself Classics Ramjet, followed by Dirge and Thrust from the Generations line.
My collection of Coneheads may be complete, but I had none of the original Seekers. I missed out on Starscream and Skywarp – the first of which was released in the Classics line, while the latter was released in the Universe line.  
            So like it or not, I had to have at least one original Seeker, hence when Thundercracker was announced in the Generations line, I knew I had to get him.

Alternate Mode:
            As far as I know, Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker all share the exact same mold. Unlike the Coneheads where all 3 are differentiated by the slight retooling of the molds, as well as the distinct color applications, all original Seekers are differentiated only by their colors.
            I may be bad with identifying jets, but surely everyone knows that the original Seekers were all F-15. I guess it was only natural that the Seekers chose F-15 – arguably one of the most iconic and the most successful fighter jet in history – as their alternate mode. 
           The colors are typical of Thundercracker and similar to Dirge and Thrust, his colors utilizes gloss paint as well.

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode is really identical to its original animated depiction. From its colors, all the way to its trademarked square-ish head, his is unmistakably Thundercracker. 
            The robot’s articulations are identical to that of all Seekers and Coneheads. 
            The hips joints can be a bit loose, but then again, it could very well be an isolated case.  
            The peg holes that were an issue with Dirge are certainly not an issue here. The holes are very tight and the blasters do stay snugly in them.
            A very cool figure indeed.     

            I really like Thundercracker, no doubt about that. For those who already have Classics Starscream and Universe Skywarp, this would be the final piece to that puzzle, which fans had to wait almost 5 years to complete (from the year Skywarp was released in 2006 till 2011).
            And that we finally got him, he didn’t disappoint.

            Final verdict: 9/10.

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