Transformers Review: Skywarp (Armada Knockoff)

            Ever since I did that review of the knockoff Overlord, I’m been wanting to do a review for another good knockoff figure. Seeing as how that The Family started from knockoffs, it was only logical.
            After I subsequently did a review on Knockoff Quickswitch and Doubledealer, I figured I had to review something that was closer to the heart – something that meant a lot to me. So it was only logical for me to go back into time, to the point where my history of collecting began. So, I think it is about time that I review my first two Transformers figures that had kick-started everything to what it is today. The first of these, which also happens to be the second figure that I got to kick-start The Family, is Armada Skywarp.
            Prior to the Armada series, the hype of Transformers in these parts of the world seemed to be at an all time low. Although Japan had only recently concluded the Car Robots/ Robots in Disguise TV series, we here in Malaysia didn’t get anything.
            Then came Armada, called Micron Legend in Japan. Armada never came to our airwave, but there were a lot of video stores that were selling Transformers animated VCDs. For a lot of fans, we knew that they were Transformers, but we couldn’t know for certain due to the “radical” designs to the various robots in the front cover. Eventually we got to know that on some VCD covers, there was Optimus Prime, while others had Megatron.
            For those who have read the article I wrote (The Family – How It Began), you’ll know how I came across Skywarp, so I am not going to repeat it here.
            Unlike in the old G1 series where there were 3 original Seekers, only 1 made his appearance in the Armada series, which is the Air Commander himself. The characterization of Starscream was kind of outrageous for the Starscream that we used to know. Yes, he started off as his normal scheming self, but as the series progresses, you can’t help but feel sorry for him. In fact, some of us even began to have that sympathy for Starscream. He was a Decepticon out of place. He had something the rest of the Decepticons didn’t – conscience. He was actually a good guy trying to initiate a change amongst the Decepticons, and it was because of his sacrifice that led to the unification of the Autobot-Decepticon faction that lead to the early events of the Energon/ Superlink series.
            Anyways, the other two Seekers didn’t actually make it into the animated series. Thundercracker did somehow appear in the show, but rather as himself, he was rather the reformatted Starscream looking eerily like Thundercracker. Skywarp didn’t make it to the show at all, but various comic depictions did portray him to look like this mysterious shadowy warrior – deadly at best.
            So after 8 years, finally, we will be reviewing Skywarp – one of the forefathers (& founding-fathers) of The Family.

Alternate Mode:
            Skywarp transforms into this wicked-looking black and deep-blue looking slick jet. Being fellow mold brothers, his overall look doesn’t differ much from that of Skywarp and Starscream.
            Skywarp also comes with a Minicon partner called Thunderclash. Now I do have him lurking somewhere in my stash of Transformers boxes, and since he’s really not that integral to the entire getup, I ain’t gonna go through all the hassle to dig him out. 
            Basically in this mode, you can attach Thunderclash either to the bottom of the cockpit or to the Minicon port at the back of the jet in order to release the two cannons. The two spring-loaded projectiles look like some sort of a harpoon.
            The colors are typical of Skywarp, and I’ve always liked this sort of color scheme on a Seeker (ever since G1, I’ve always thought Skywarp as the best looking of the trio). For a supposedly knockoff figure, Skywarp is incredibly detailed. There are various outlining on the entire body depicting lines and components. There are also VTOL-thrusters-looking thingy carved into the small back wings. Colored in gold, they look perfect. 
            Pressing the cockpit will also trigger a laser-shooting sound. Neat electronics for a knockoff figure.
            He is huge, incredibly detailed, and he looks absolutely fantastic.

Robot Mode:
            Skywarp transforms into this awesome-looking robot. The figure stands about slightly over 7-inches tall; 8-inches in you include the horn on top of his head.
            From one tip of the wing to the other, Skywarp is about slightly over 8-inches wide. 
            The figure itself looks really fearsome, and as if it really does mean business. The head sculpt is particularly good, which kinda reminds me of Titanium Fallen, don’t you think? 
            Articulation-wise: no head articulation; upper shoulders rotate; lower shoulders swivel; the elbow are on double-joints; the hips are on ratcheting joints; knees rotate and are also on ratcheting joints. 
            For weapons, Skywarp’s left wing is detachable and by extending it, Skywarp can wield it as his sword or saber. It’s not much, but it’s okay.
            Overall, like most Armada figure, there’s not much to be expected from its articulations, but it sure made it up with its cool looks.

            What can I say, I love this figure. I would rank this figure as one of the best Knockoffs out there. Really, they don’t make knockoffs like they used to anymore. I remember how knockoffs produced were as good as the original, but at a much cheaper price, though the plastic quality may be a little bit inferior. But heck, they had all the features that came with the originals.
            I really missed those days. I doubt that you can still get this guy now, be it the originals, or this knockoff, but if somehow you do, go get it.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10.


  1. with a final verdict of 9/10 coming from you... I really think it is its weapon and the airplane mode, however you call it...happy week to you Jerry! :D