Transformers Review: Thrust (Generations Deluxe)

            After getting both Ramjet and Dirge, I knew that I just had to get Thrust in order to complete my collection of Coneheads.
           When I first saw some of the earlier photos of Thrust on the internet, it gave me even more reasons to get him. He looks a lot different from the other two Coneheads.
Alternate Mode:
            Compared to all other Coneheads, I’ll rank Thrust’s jet mode as the best. The maroon color blends in well with the dark brown wings. 
            The most distinct characteristic that differentiate Thrust from the other Coneheads, apart from the colors is VTOL thruster attachments on both front wings. 
            The golden-colored cockpit blends in well with the rest of the body, and even enhances the overall look.

Robot Mode: 
            Thrust, for me at least, is the best looking figure amongst the Coneheads. 
The colors are very vibrant here. The colors really complement each other. The patches of gold all over the body kinda give the extra oomph to the figure. 
Again, the VTOL attachments make him looks more distinct from his other brothers.
The peg holes for the blasters are rather tight as compared to that of Dirge’s.
The joints are quite tight as well, which is always a good thing.
Like I said earlier, the color application on this figure is absolutely fantastic. If you are considering to get at least one Coneheads, get Thrust. You won’t regret it.

Final verdict: 9/10.

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  1. wanna grab it long time ago, but till now i got Dirge but not him.. :(