Transformers Review: Dirge (Generations Deluxe)

            After Ramjet, Dirge was the second Seeker that I got. Despite my reluctance in getting the same mould twice, I was kinda surprised that the designs were somewhat different.
            Unlike the first generation Seekers, the Coneheads weren’t really that prolific. They generally only had sporadic appearances on the animated series, and they were nothing more than foot soldiers for the Decepticon army. While the other Coneheads at least had their chance to shine in the show, Dirge had none, except for the minor role he had in the episode of “The Girl Who Loved Powerglide”.
            So yeah, I was initially reluctant to get him, but seeing as how vibrant his color was compared to Ramjet’s, I thought I might as well get him and expand my Seekers collection.
            Hence, here we are with the review.

Alternate Mode:
            I’m not really going to go into details with Dirge, since I think I already done so with Ramjet. So for the basic features on this mode, you can check out Ramjet’s review (here). Instead, I will only touch on the differences between the two mold brothers. 
            The wing configurations are different between the two. Unlike Ramjet’s wings that are entirely flat, the larger back wings have a piece of vertical wings at the edge.  
The blue color used here are very vibrant, and the combinations with the glossy black paint is really nice. 

The orange-colored wings may look a little bit out of place, but that was how he looked like in the original animated series, and HasTak did the right thing to stay true to that.
            It’s really is a neat little figure.

Robot Mode:
            I really like how the glossy black paint stand out over the blue background, and the overall colors looks really look nice and exciting.
            The head sculpt is exactly that of Ramjet’s and the only difference is of course – the colors. 
            The one issue that I do have with this figure is how loosely the blasters are attached to the upper arms. The holes on the arms seem to be a little bit too big for the pegs. If that’s case, you might want to consider using the blasters as guns instead. Ramjet was better in this aspect as they were perfectly tight.
            Still overall, I think Dirge looks real good.
Being mould brothers, it was impossible not to make comparisons between the two. While I think Dirge looks way better than Ramjet, the latter was slightly better in terms of engineering, especially with the joints and blaster peg holes.

Final verdict: 8/10.

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