Transformers Review – Sports Label Convoy

            The Transformers Label series has so far proven to be a big hit amongst the fans. It was a brainchild of Takara-Tomy, which began with the hugely popular Music Label series that consisted of Soundwave (and its various variants that transforms into an MP3 player), Convoy (and its various variants that transforms into an iPod speakers) and Frenzy/ Rumble (that transforms into a pair of earphones). 
            Since then, there have been other labels in the form of Disney Label and Device Label, all of which have been a hit with the fans and yours truly as well.
            One Label that has eluded me so far had been the Sports Label. Under this Label, Takara-Tomy has released 3 figures, i.e. Convoy, Convoy Marine Color version, and Megatron, all of which transforms into a Nike Free 7.0 shoe. 
            Another thing unique about this set is how it is packed into a shoebox-like packaging, which is very unique marketing gimmick.
            I am very excited about this review and have been pretty much looking forward to this.

Alternate Mode:
            As mentioned before, Convoy transforms into a Nike Free 7.0. It looks absolutely realistic that anyone could’ve mistaken it for an actual shoe, albeit a baby-sized one. In fact, my mom thought I was crazy for taking photos of a shoe, until I told her I was doing this review. 
            She still didn’t believe until I let her look at the robot mode.
            I just love how the details mimic the actual shoe, and from a far, you would’ve thought it’s an actual shoe, until you hold it in your own hand and the lacking feel of fabric convinces you that it’s not a real shoe. 
            The sole of the shoe itself and the Nike emblem looks fantastic. It even comes with a real shoelace!!!
            Of course, at the end of the day, this is still a Transformers figure and thus, you can’t have it be worn like a typical shoe.
            I can’t really find any flaw from this mode – it’s absolutely fantastic.

Robot Mode:
            Now first of all, the robot mode reeks of the shoe kibbles, especially the shoulders and the entire back of the robot.
            However, having said that, I think it’s absolutely fantastic that the designers managed to convert a doggone shoe into a freaking robot!!! That’s damn cool.
           The head sculpt, though recognizable as an Optimus head, it’s actually stylized to resemble a Gundam’s head. 
            Convoy is also armed with a blaster, which is formed from two halves, perfectly hidden inside the shoe.
            I also like how there is also a Nike emblem in the robot mode, just above the Autobot insignia. Another thing to take note is that Convoy too is wearing a pair of Nike shoes!!!
Wearing Nike Shoes...
            Articulation-wise: the head is on a ball-joint; the shoulders hinge and swivel; the arms bend and rotate at the elbows; the hips hinges and swivels; the knees bend and the feet tilt. 

            Due to the various kibbles, the articulations are pretty much limited. 
            Still, all things considered, this is one amazing robot mode, which pretty good proportions.

            You have no idea how much I love this figure, and what makes it sweeter is that I got it for a bargain compared to current market price. This also adds yet another Optimus to my ever expansive Optimus Prime collection.
            This is definitely a successful collaboration between Nike and Takara-Tomy, however unlikely it may seem. Now, if only I have a Sports Label Megatron to go along with him.
            Absolutely recommended.

            Final verdict: 10/10

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