Transformers Review – Ligerjack (Galaxy Force Voyager)

            One thing that I like about the Unicron Trilogy (in Japan: Micron Legend, Superlink and Galaxy Force) is how the character Optimus Prime possess special powers, i.e. various combinational abilities.
            Thus, since I managed to get the Galaxy Convoy figure 2 years ago, I’ve been trying to hunt down the two other figures in the line that is capable of merging with him, i.e. Sonic Bomber and Ligerjack.
            Although I technically did not manage to get a Sonic Bomber figure, I did, however managed to grab a redeco of the same figure released in the Revenge of the Fallen series, i.e. Wingblade. Although the colors are a bit mismatched, I can live with that.
            So that means I only had Ligerjack to hunt down. 
            Then one day as I was skimming through the internet, I noticed a fellow collector had put a Ligerjack up for sale, at a surprisingly bargained price, albeit it wasn’t an actual HasTak release – rather a Mocom release. Anyways, I don’t quite mind since my Galaxy Convoy’s a Mocom release, so it made even more sense to pair both of them up. I didn’t waste any time to make my enquiries and the rest, as we say it, is history.
            I’m kinda excited about this figure considering that Liger Convoy (Galaxy Convoy – Ligerjack combo) had quite a prominent role in the series. Much of Liger Convoy power increase focus on his physical strength, compared to Sonic Convoy’s (Galaxy Convoy – Sonic Bomber combo) power increase in terms of speed.
            The character Ligerjack itself is kinda unique in the series considering that the character used to be known as Jackshot, who was from Cybertron. Due to his desire for power, he found himself being close to his wild side and felt one with the spirit of Animatros, thus evolved into Ligerjack.
            On another note, I never heard of the term liger until I watched the show and when I subsequently dig up some info on the term, I actually found out that a liger is a crossbreeding between a lion and a tigress.
So who said Transformers couldn’t be educational?
            So yeah, I’m hyped up, and without further ado, let’s get on with the review…

Alternate Mode:
            Ligerjack transforms into a liger, which to me looks more like a lion than a liger. He has quite a bulky upper body and screen-accurate paintjob – very neat. 
            Articulation-wise, as with most Cybertron/ Galaxy Force figures, it can feel a little bit limited. The mouth opens and closes – limitedly; the shoulders are on ratcheting joints; elbows bend and move outwards; the front and back claws move up and down; the hips are on ratcheting joints and they also move outwards; bendable knees; and finally the tail rotates, mainly due to transformation joint.
            The articulation is nothing spectacular, and to me, it’s just okay.  
            By inserting the Animatros Force Chip into the slots on the side of both front claws, it will trigger the release of a set of extended claws, which in the animated series continuity, is said to be very sharp and deadly. 
            So yeah, it’s a neat alternate mode.

Robot Mode:
            As with most Beast-formers, the transformation is embarrassingly easy – I’ll be surprised if you actually need the instruction manual! 
            While the entire figure looks very screen-accurate, especially the head sculpt, I kinda see the figure being just a little disproportionate. I feel that the shoulders should be just a little bit broader. But then again, maybe it’s just me. 
            The detached tail can now be wielded as a weapon – a whip. 
            In order to activate its Force Chip mode, the same method mentioned earlier should be used. Articulation too is very similar to the previous mode.

Liger Convoy:
            Now this is the real reason why you should buy this figure, at least for me it is. The combination makes Optimus Prime/ Galaxy Convoy looks like he has a huge oversized left or right arm. Yes, the combination can be on either arm. In fact, if you have two Ligerjacks, you can even attach both of them on.
            You can still activate the Force Chip ignition in this mode, and Galaxy Convoy can wield the claws too. 

            Apart from the Animatros Force Chip, I really like the holographic profile card that comes with the set. 

            To be honest with you, Ligerjack on his own isn’t really that impressive. In fact to me, it’s passable. I’ve actually come across this figure several times in the past and had all the opportunity in the world to buy him, but didn’t because I didn’t have Galaxy Convoy. So when I finally managed to get the latter, only then I began hunting for Ligerjack.
            Just to see my Galaxy Convoy being able to combine with ol’ Ligerjack makes it all worthwhile, especially when it’s on bargained price.

            Final verdict: 7/10

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