Transformers Review – Bumblebee-1974 (2007 Deluxe)

            Bumblebee – from a character, who since the end of G1, had been in obscurity for decades, was eventually given a new life in 2007 as one of the most popular Transformers characters ever since. Some may even argue that his popularity might even surpass both Optimus Prime and Megatron.
            For those old timers who are more familiar with the Little Brother-portrayal character, may have needed a little bit adjusting when the character was portrayed as one of the toughest Autobots available.
            Anyways, I do believe that certain character may need to evolve over time, but so drastically? Hmm…
            Bumblebee was portrayed in two distinctively different modes – an old bashed-up 1974 Camaro, as well as a 2008 Concept Camaro. Today we will review the 1974-Camaro version.
Alternate Mode:
            The car mode is boring, which means the people HasTak did something right with this mold. It’s supposed to be a 1974 model, what do you expect?
            While I do like how the car looks, I think the worn out look needs a little bit of work, since it is meant to look worn out. There are in total 3 isolated areas depicting just that: its right roof, just behind the left door and some grease mark on the chassis behind the right front wheel. 
            I think the worn out look should be evenly distributed throughout the figure. But you’re good with customizing paintjobs; you might wanna look into that.

Robot Mode:
            How the robot mode looks really depend your personal taste. The robot mode looks boring at best, and to honest, I don’t recall Bumblebee having two distinct Earth modes. As far as I was concerned, in the movies, Bumblebee had only 1 robot mode, compared to two alternate modes. 
            I don’t quite like how the feet looks as it made Bumblebee looks as though he has duck feet. 
            As with most movie-verse figures, Bumblebee comes with automorph features, i.e. the chest and the feet. The blasters can be pegged onto the holes on the wheels on the shoulders, but I wish there was some way to lock it in place, so that the blasters may aim at the front all the time, rather and sagging. 
            While it is unique to have 2 different robot modes for the 1974 and Concept Camaro, I wished that that was reflected in the actual movie itself rather than just on the action figures.
            It’s an okay effort. I can’t say that I am really into this figure, but I am still glad that I got him.

            Final verdict: 7/10.

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