The Legend of Optimus Prime (and other Leaders) - 2012 Collection

Ever since I posted photos of my Optimus Prime collection last year, some of you have asked that I post an update on the collection for this year. It's not an easy task having to ransack through my entire collection and dig out all of my Optimus Primes for this session, but thanks to an extra holiday, I managed to do just that, so Cybertronians, this is the update that some of you were asking for...

Since last year, there has been an increase from 18 to 28 variations of Optimus Primes that I have. The list is as follows:
1) God Ginrai
2) ROTF Voyager-class Optimus Prime
3) Animated Deluxe-Class Optimus Prime
4) Prime Deluxe-class Optimus Prime
5) ROTF Leader-class Optimus Prime with Jetfire
6) DOTM Leader-class Striker Optimus Prime 
7) Knight Morpher Commander - Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime
8) Kabaya Classic Optimus Prime
9) 20th Anniversary DVD-Edition Optimus Prime
10) Masterpiece MP-01 Last Shot Convoy
11) Superlink Grand Convoy
12) Big Convoy
13) Classic Voyager-class Optimus Prime
14) Kre-O Optimus Prime
15) Encore G1 Optimus Prime
16) Robotmaster Optimus Primal
17) Reveal The Shield Legends-class Optimus Prime
18) Kabaya G1 Optimus Prime
19) Kabaya War for Cybertron Optimus Prime
20) Titanium War Within Optimus Prime
21) Kabaya God Ginrai
22) DOTM Ultimate Optimus Prime (Dragon-year Edition)
23) 2007 Movie Leader-class Optimus Prime
24) Armada Voyager-class Optimus Prime
25) Alternity Convoy
26) Alternators Nemesis Prime
27) Galaxy Force Galaxy Convoy
28) Generations War for Cybertron Optimus Prime

Here's the video for a more up-close look.

Also, since I already went through the hassle of rummaging through my shelves, I thought I might as well do another snapshot with all my Prime/ Convoy-level Transformers figures. Here's the photo below:
Apart from the already mentioned Optimus Primes and Convoys, here are the additional characters also in this photo:
1) Cybertron Metroplex (Galaxy Force Megalo Convoy)
2) Cybertron Cryo Scourge (a variant of Galaxy Force Flame Convoy)
3) Henkei Rodimus Convoy
4) Kabaya Victory Saber (Star Saber and Victory Leo)
5) Kabaya Rodimus Prime
6) Cybertron/ Galaxy Force Primus
7) Masterpiece Rodimus Prime
6) Cybertron/ Galaxy Force Vector Prime
7) Animated Longarm Prime (Shockwave)
8) DOTM Leader-class Sentinel Prime

Here's the video for a more up-close look of that photo:

I am very proud of this collection, and will be even prouder if you fellas enjoy the photos and videos.



  1. So wonderful!!! :D

    Do see my collection too (when you're free, since the vids are quite long):
    PART 1
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    P/s: I'm 'jesusdied4u' on TransMY forum. On FB, my name is Oliver Wong (real name). Let's be friend?

    1. I will watch 'em tonight... No prob, see u over on Facebook...